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Wellness Day

Before leaving for the fair I had some lunch:


Cheese, tempeh burger, carrots, red peppers.

Look at my loot from the wellness fair:


I got my blood pressure done: 100/70 (low normal, good apparently!), I got my posture checked; all good, except my right hip is far higher then my left, and apparently I put about 10lbs on my right hip as apposed to my left hip! I sometimes get lower back pain, and this might be the cause! I’m really curious to go to the chiropractor actually and see what can be done/figured out… I also got my body fat measured, which included a weigh in. 😀 Lower then last week even with food and being later in the day. There were some other cool things like info on cancer, mental health, UBC farm, and so much more. I also picked up this delightful snack while at the sub:


Vegan brownie from Sprouts. And some earl grey tea (only because I wanted one of those cups. 🙂 ).

I went to the gym with my friend Joyce. The residence beside ours has a beautiful free gym with all new equipment! We did:

  • 35min on stationary bike
  • Abs, the following twice through:
    • 20 crunchs
    • 10/side bicycle
    • 10 leg lifts
    • 20 supermans

Then I had supper:


(man I ate a lot of cheese today.)

And dessert:


Inspire tea tetley herbal tea. And a chocolate chip shot.  😉

Alright, well I’m off to watch TV study. 😉


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Plus Sized

So Annabel over at Feed Me I’m Cranky has written an amazing post about the new phenomenon sparked by Glamour’s pg 194 plus sized model.

They now have apparently answered the many requests to have more plus sized models in their magazine. Still none on the cover mind you.

So I’m all for seeing more plus sized models out there. I won’t lie, I’m a fan of the Health At Every Size movement and even the Fat Acceptance movement. I know right? God forbid! Fat people, accept themselves? I frequent websites like Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose, and Big Fat Deal. One of my favourite blogs is Do you have an extra large in This?

I guess I’m mainly on the fence about this. I see the positive: girls will see bigger women as okay. They might not go, well I don’t see anyone over 125lbs in magazines; I must be fat because I don’t look like that. I see that it’s beginning to make “plus sized” a little more normal, but at the same time not really.

To me it still presents the dicotomization. These women aren’t just beautiful women showing off clothes in Glamour. They are beautiful fat girls, and Glamour is being so accepting and forward thinking by putting these not-a-size-two women in their magazine. They are still the other. They are presented as still the token fat girl. (You know, the fat friend, never the main character…)

Maybe I expect too much, since we are still presented with a pretty homogenized ideal of beauty; mostly white, thin girls. What is it I would like to see?

I’d love it if there were “plus sized” women on TV and it wasn’t about them being fat. You know? When the fat girls and skinny girls are just there because their beautiful, not because they’re the token fat girl/friend/whatever. That’s when I think it’ll be a much bigger victory. For me at least.

I just thought I’d add my two cents. But please reads Annabel’s original post here.

This post was awhile in the making, and I’m still not sure if it presents how I feel on the subject accurately. But I’m going to post it anyway, and see what happens. I mean I know in some ways what I’m saying today completely contradicts yesterday’s post where I mention my own weight loss. But for me, the weight I was at, was uncomfortable. I am no where near being super skinny, or magazine gorgeous, but I am so much more comfortable in my skin, even though there was a time when I felt fat at this exact same weight.

 Just to add to it, here are a few more operationbeautiful.com post-its’ I’ve done.



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