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2010 – One Month In

Well it’s just a typical Tuesday night – with one change. Instead of wasting my time watching Biggest Loser, I’m currently watching some sort of Lost Recap. OMG I watched this show the first season which was like eons ago. Unfortunately life prevented me from watching it in later seasons, and any time I’d catch an episode… well I was confused as hell. lost-logoThe show where you’ll be lost…

Anyway… on to today.

So you might have noticed that yesterday was not only a Monday but also a first of a new month: bring on February.  I can’t believe we’re a month into 2010 already… and I got to thinking about my new years resolutions, and how I had no idea if I was working on them or not…. So instead of just forgetting about them I decided to take a little look at how I’m doing.

  • Get more ENERGY.
    Er, definitely not happening. In fact my sleeping pattern is really crazy right now, it’s not good. I’m tired and my muscles aren’t rejuvenating themselves as fast as I would like. Anyone have any good websites/resources about getting sleeping patterns working?
  • Keep my grades where they are or higher!
    Well I think they’re about the same. At least judging from the one mark I’ve gotten back. I’ve decided to make this goal more structured: I want grades of 80% and higher (85% and higher is the ultimate goal actually). Having an actual number to shoot for makes it more probably something will happen.
  • Be an awesome prez (do some bossing around yo! 😉 )
    This is going pretty well. We had an awesome event recently, which I credit to my council and everything. Judging your performance as a leader in and situation is really hard. How much is you, and how much is everyone working together? I’d like to think it’s a combined effort by everyone. 🙂
  • Explore my creative side; maybe take a photography class (if I can afford it)
    The one goal I can say ACCOMPLISHED! I started a photography class last night, and even though there was a little technical difficulty for the teacher, I think I can say it will be nice to finally do something creative and push that side of me.
  • Live on a budget (OMG I am so poor right now, or will be when I pay my student fees)
    Sweet, this one I can also say I’m accomplishing. I’ve successfully (maybe a few slip ups) kept all my receipts, recorded totals each week and watched what I spent for the entire month of February. 🙂
  • Get my running mileage up to 1/2 marathon distances
    This too is a work in progress. I am going to actually sign up for a Half-Marathon I think, to fully motivate and commit myself to a training schedule and pattern. I’ve successfully been running 3-4 days a week. 🙂
  • Swim, bike, and strength train.
    So swimming and biking not so much. Swimming’s too far away, and biking… well it’s wet. 😉 I’ve been itching to break out the wheels, but it’ll be a couple weeks yet. Strength training has been happening though, I’m happy to say. In fact I’ve been doing enough ab work that I’ve noticed a difference in my torso. I just do a few moves everyday, and I’ve lost about an inch from the smallest and largest part of my waist. 😀
  • Do yoga
    hasn’t been happening at all. :p
  • Make actual meals (Means cooking once in a while)
    I’ve definitely been baking a little more, and cooking more too. 🙂 I’ve made a goal of baking once a week, as well as cooking a little. I haven’t really made any amazing cooked meals… but well, they’re better then they were.
  • Embrace life!
    This one too is on-going. Some days I’m super stocked on life. Some days I’m down in the dumps, totally unhappy and grumpy… and just a total all around not-fun person. But that’s how it goes. I’m definitely doing better this term at rolling with the punches.
  • So that’s how my 2010 is going. How are your 2010s going?


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    Weighing In

    There have been a few posts recently that have really hit a chord with me. Today the post that really got me thinking was Annabel’s post on The Scale. Kath over at Kath Eats mentioned Intuitive Eating, and how she’s gained a few but it’s all good because she’s healthy and enjoying life. Even Cailtin over at Healthy Tipping Point recently wrote about how she’s been struggling with the healthy lifestyle.

    And well, the reason this hit home with me is because I too have been struggling.

    I’ve said it before I am a stress eater. And recently it’s been getting to me. And I could literally feel myself getting bigger (haha, ok, maybe not). But seriously pants and jeans have been feeling tighter. Then today in my Food Assessment class we had an anthropometric lab. This is where you weigh yourself, take your height, do body fat measurements, etc. etc.

    I was nervous for a little bit. Me and the scale we have history, and hey, it ain’t so good. I weigh myself maybe four times a year. I trust measuring my waist, hips, etc way more. I was nervous because there was a time in my life when stepping on the scale would literally send me into a crazy binge. I would try unsuccessfully to starve, inevitably binging loads, then see a gain on the scale and binge some more. Not a pretty sight, I assure you.

    I stepped on it today and.

    Well, it was heavier then this summer, but only by four pounds. Not as horrible as I’d thought. And well, it just confirmed what my body was already telling me. And the world didn’t come crashing down. I didn’t feel shame, or sadness, or anything. I went, bummer, but hey this is something I can easily do something about.

    And I already have. Want to know what I’ll be doing?

    I’ve started recording what I eat. It would be smashingly good of me to take pictures of all my meals and put them up, but for some reason I suck at that. 😉
    I’m focusing on eating because I am hungry, not because it’s lunch, breakfast, dinner, or because I should be eating. My worst habit? I sometimes eat when I’m not hungry out of fear I will be hungry. You know diet websites sometimes say things like pack a snack so you won’t get hungry? I can’t deal with that. I end up being like uber full for an entire day. Being hungry is ok. Jeese.
    Also working on a 10k training plan (Finishing it, my 10k is November 15th! yikes!) then a 1/2 marathon training plan, which basically starts the week of the 10k. And I’d like to get cycling some more.

    But yeah, that’s about it. It’s going to be rough when finals hit, and I’m going to try and come up with a plan for that, but I can’t really. 

    How will I measure my progress? With a tape measure and  the scale. Yep. I think I can deal. If ever I can’t, I won’t, it’s that easy. Besides, as much as I’d like to lose those four pounds by christmas, school is ultimately my priority, and that’s the way it is.

    Anyway, on to some pics of my dinner, because it was delicious:
    Yellow rice (brown rice, tumeric, cinnamin and raisins, sooooo good!) Baked tofu, and some steamed veggies. Yum yum. Seriously the rice, so good: 1/2c rice, 1/2c raisins, 1tsp tumeric, pinch cinnamon (adjust spices to your liking). Throw it all in a pot cover with boiling water, stir and simmer until rice is tender. 🙂

    I also finished with a shot of chocolate chips:
    It’s all about portion size after all, isn’t it? 😉


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    Plus Sized

    So Annabel over at Feed Me I’m Cranky has written an amazing post about the new phenomenon sparked by Glamour’s pg 194 plus sized model.

    They now have apparently answered the many requests to have more plus sized models in their magazine. Still none on the cover mind you.

    So I’m all for seeing more plus sized models out there. I won’t lie, I’m a fan of the Health At Every Size movement and even the Fat Acceptance movement. I know right? God forbid! Fat people, accept themselves? I frequent websites like Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose, and Big Fat Deal. One of my favourite blogs is Do you have an extra large in This?

    I guess I’m mainly on the fence about this. I see the positive: girls will see bigger women as okay. They might not go, well I don’t see anyone over 125lbs in magazines; I must be fat because I don’t look like that. I see that it’s beginning to make “plus sized” a little more normal, but at the same time not really.

    To me it still presents the dicotomization. These women aren’t just beautiful women showing off clothes in Glamour. They are beautiful fat girls, and Glamour is being so accepting and forward thinking by putting these not-a-size-two women in their magazine. They are still the other. They are presented as still the token fat girl. (You know, the fat friend, never the main character…)

    Maybe I expect too much, since we are still presented with a pretty homogenized ideal of beauty; mostly white, thin girls. What is it I would like to see?

    I’d love it if there were “plus sized” women on TV and it wasn’t about them being fat. You know? When the fat girls and skinny girls are just there because their beautiful, not because they’re the token fat girl/friend/whatever. That’s when I think it’ll be a much bigger victory. For me at least.

    I just thought I’d add my two cents. But please reads Annabel’s original post here.

    This post was awhile in the making, and I’m still not sure if it presents how I feel on the subject accurately. But I’m going to post it anyway, and see what happens. I mean I know in some ways what I’m saying today completely contradicts yesterday’s post where I mention my own weight loss. But for me, the weight I was at, was uncomfortable. I am no where near being super skinny, or magazine gorgeous, but I am so much more comfortable in my skin, even though there was a time when I felt fat at this exact same weight.

     Just to add to it, here are a few more operationbeautiful.com post-its’ I’ve done.



    Did you hear about Caitlin’s contest?


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    And the Award Goes to….

    So I have to thank Liz for naming me for this:


    It seems everyone has to share 7 things about themselves, that you lovely readers do not know.

    1. I love cats. Yep. I’m a total cat person. My cat lives at home with my parents, and I miss her tons. I miss having pets in general. I can’t wait to move into a place where I can have a cat and a dog.

    2. I have curly red hair. And it’s all natural. 😉

    3. My birthday is in the fall. It’s coming up actually. Due to the date of my birthday I’m usually a scorpio but every once in a while a libra. My birthday is literally the day that changes.

    4. I’ve been reading blogs for almost 3 years lurking around. I finally decided I needed to participate in the blogging world.

    5. I’m questionning my career path again. I’ve only ever wanted to be three different things: an artist (till I was 12) then an author (of fiction) and then a dietitian. But last year I didn’t get into dietetics. I plan to apply again… but the girls who I’ve seen who were accepted are just… I feel like I don’t fit with their cookie-cutter-mold.

    6. I have to do some sort of exercise every day. I’m serious I often exercise for an hour 7 times a week. It used to be guilt motivated, but mostly it’s just becaue I love moving, and when I don’t, I don’t feel right. It’s also me time, I find it’s destressing, relaxing, and just gives me a good feeling. 🙂

    7. I used to be “fat” or think I was. (Sort of leads from the above). I lost 25ish pounds since January ’07. And kept it off, sans weighing, or starving, as I used to try to do. This might be why the idea of www.operationbeautiful.com  is dear to my heart, I want girls everywhere to stop “feeling fat”.

    Sorry about the last ones getting so personal, but that’s the way it goes. I couldn’t think about what else to say. Maybe I should write a more thorough about me page. 😀

    Who will I pass this award on to?
    1. Lizzy

    2. Morgan

    3. Jocelyn

    I think most of the other blogs I follow have received this, but anyway, there you go!


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