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Another Monday

I feel like I should write something today.

But I’m not sure what to write about.

How amazing my Sunday was? I spent it biking, baking, grocery store shopping and hanging out with friends.

I fed them cupcakes.


Not just any cupcakes. Mama Pea’s cupcakes.


That Mama Pea, she knows her baking.

I replace the applesauce and almond butter with banana and peanut butter. But still delicious, and loved by all.

Or maybe about my busy, but normal, Monday. It was pretty mundane really. I started the 6 Week Pipes Challenge, Morgan is an amazing challenge organizer I have to say. I did my day one, week one of the 100 pushups.

Boy am I tired.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more to say, or write.


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Vegan Challenged

Well. This vegan challenge is off to a rocky start, let me tell you.

Let me put a disclaimer that says I actually ate vegan for Saturday and Sunday, and that was easy peasy. Might have included some polenta of which I got NO decent shots, but came from this cookbook.


(Man even that shot is soooooo blurry!)

But well, yesterday there might have been a non-vegan mini muffin that I didn’t think about until I ate it.

And today well, if I was an all or nothing person I’d say today was a complete bust. But at the same time I sort of knew today wouldn’t go so well.

For one of my classes we’re placed with a community partner. Ours happens to be Urban Aboriginal Community Kitchen, and it is a group that gets together every week and makes lunch together. They try to stick to foods that are historically part of their diet. And if you guess fish, you were right.

I don’t even normally eat fish, but these salmon burgers, were amazing. Not that I have any pervious experience to compare it to, but still I imagine they were pretty good.

Sadly, I guess I’m “failing” at this vegan challenge, but I’m still gonna do my best (minus thursday’s class). And hopefully I can get some vegan related posts and recipes up later this week.

I’ve loved reading people’s recaps so far, it’s been cool to see what everyone says. (PS, Leah at Why Deprive mentioned the best dream about cheese in the comments on Life After Bagels)


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February: Change


So. It’s a new month, and I can’t believe it’s February already, my how time flies. I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for this month and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy following me along this journey.


I doodled up this little list of goals on Sunday in a fit of procrastination.

That’s right, I declared that for February I would:

  • Not Drink any Coffee
  • Not eat any sugar (processed sugar, desserts, etc.)
  • Workout every day

What’s inspired this?

If you know me in real life you’ll know I’ve been complaining about my jeans all fitting a wee bit tighter since December. I can’t blame it on the laundry machines any more.

My energy levels are low and listless and I’ve been feeling health and body wise really out of sorts. I know it’s the two blondies or cookies or chocolates I have after both LUNCH and DINNER and you know that little bit I have at 4pm because I’m just in the mood.

So there’s a little something different in my coffee cup this morning.


I’ve definitely been inspired to make some of these changes by reading about the great experience of Ashley over at Edible Perspective. She was able to “detox” sans feeling deprived in anyway.

I drank the lemon water today, and it tasted pretty good actually (I’d been trying it with the bottled lemon juice before today, and that is totally gross). I’ve also had tea, since I’m pretty sure if I didn’t I’d have the worst hangover ever. Though I am hoping to go completely caffeine free later this month.

Then yesterday I got an invite from this lovely lady over at Life After Bagels.

Morgan was inspired by the crew at Oprah and wants us to join her in going vegan for a week. And since I’m in the mood to actually make changes happen in my life, I figure this is a very good starting point.

What sort of resolutions and goals do you have for February?

I promise I’ll be updating more, especially with the challenges of giving up two of my favourite things, and with the vegan challenge.


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When Your View Out your window looks like this:

You need a little…

So warm and delicious:
1/2 cup milk,
packet of sugar
Some Tetley Cinnamon Spice tea (seriously, I’m loving these herbal teas, I’m slowly building a collection of them…)

This was joined by one of these fresh baked goodies:

IMG_2839Graham Flour (I used whole wheat as I don’t have money for special flours) Fig Scones from
My Sweet Vegan. Sorry recipe not online!

Smeared with delicious melty pb.


Look at it dripping there. hmmmmm heavenly.

I went for a 4.28k run today with my friend Joyce. In the crazy pouring rain.

Since today is the 29th(! Where did October go?) I decided I would add up my running mileage for October. I might squeeze in one more run, but ohwell.

The grand total is…. 59.33miles. Or 94.9 kilometers. I personally like the kilometers, looks so much further doesn’t it? I can’t imagine what my total will be when I really get training for my half marathon! Still that’s awesome. Maybe I’ll do one more 5 k, just so I’m at 100!

Alright, well I’m off I have a Meet the Dietitians info session tonight. I’m hoping to see blogging buddy Marianne of French Fries to Flax Seeds there. Have a good night everyone!

What are your plans for Halloween Weekend?


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Another Weekend gone + Review!

And it’s once again sunday night.

I started my day with toast and pb. Which I of course forgot to take a picture of… sigh, I seem to be bad at that. I do have a question for people, once you upload pictures to wordpress, do you have to keep them on your computer? I feel like I’m taking DOZENS of pictures and I’m not sure I want to keep them all on my hard drive… 😉

I was excited to try something new today:


Yesterday I picked up some Vega Products. Vega was invented by Brendan Brazier, a (local!) professional triathlete who also happens to be vegan. I’ve recently read his book Thrive (for a second time) and I really like the concept behind his food philosophy. I am hoping to try some of the recipes from his book actually, but just haven’t had time! Plus some of the ingredients are a little $$$, and being a poor student I just can’t spend the extra cash on “better” food.

I wasn’t too sure… Smoothie add ins are never really my thing. But I mixed it up with one cup of milk, one large banana and purred until smooth (this took a while, because the banana just didn’t want to de-chunkify).

My verdict:
–  tasted a little bit “grassy”. I can’t lie, it bothered me, but only a little bit. Actually the chocolate was helpful.
– Slight chalky texture. But not that bad.
– Wow. I did feel an instant boost in energy. I was in the middle of a 5hour study marathon with my friend Ally, and honestly it totally got me through the rest. I wasn’t expecting it to work so well.

Would I use it again?
yeah actually I think I would. It was pretty good and the fact that I felt immediate effect was really neat. I have one more to try: vanilla chai. We’ll see how it is.

The rest of my eats today:




Plus about 10 dried dates and a little more pb. 😉

I also ran about 10k. But it was broken into 4 on my own in the morning, then 6 after the study marathon with my friend Ally.

Right now I’m just chilling and watching Must Love Dogs. It’s cute and it’s on TV, who could ask for more?

I’m hoping to maybe study a little more tonight… But night just doesn’t work for studying for me.

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Study? Nah, let’s bake!

This was my morning:IMG_2648

My To-Do list:



This was my afternoon:

[insert cool swimming picture]

Followed by a walk to the grocery store:


Fall is so pretty!

My evening:

Hmmm, what am I making? You can see the star of the show right there!

Out of the oven…



So quickly devoured!


I made Pumpkin Cake from the book My Sweet Vegan. It’s by unversity student Hannah Kaminsky. These tasty recipes are all vegan, but so easy! And so good. I’ve made vegan “cheesecake” and this cake, as well as Fig and Graham Flour scones (so good, going to make these soon!). Just amazing. Check out her blog; Bittersweet (seriously, her photos will make you drool!).

Then I went to my residence’s Thanksgiving Dinner where it was quickly devoured. Only  few crumbs. 🙂 yay. I love seeing people gobble up my food. Is it weird that I’m saddened when there’s some left?

My swim today was awesome. I think swimming is highly underappreciated. It’s a great sport! And so few blogs talk about it. Anyone else for the swimming love?

Hmmm…. I think I might have a post for tomorrow for you all! Ideas Ideas! I spend far too much time thinking about this blog, and not enough thinking about my schoolwork! I have two midterms coming up, and a couple big events. Right now I’m terrified of failing. And it’s definitely a possibility. 😦

Oh well. Maybe I’ll study for a bit?

Or maybe I’ll chill out and watch some TV.


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