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Foodservice: Half-way through

It’s Saturday night and I’m writing a blog post, why? What are you up to?

To clear up any confusion, I’m recovering from a crazy week of internship. This past Thursday was my Cafeteria Lunch Special: All Around The World. We had to create a menu around a theme of our choosing, and I wanted one I could find lots of recipes from. Mine looked like this:
English breakfast scone,
African Yam and Peanut Stew (<—Amazing by the way)
Quinoa Tabbouleh
Butter chicken
Thai Tofu Coconut Curry
Chicken Fajitas
Maple Sugar Pie

I really wanted to have some pictures of my menu items, but would you believe my camera decided to not work?! I know! It was tragic.

But overall it went well, a few glitches were to be had but mostly it was a success. The cook may have mixed up the curry pastes, so I had an emergency Save-On run in the morning and the tofu for the Thai curry (a green curry) was dyed pink, but c’est la vie!

It was an interesting experience, but now it’s past, my paper on it is mostly written (first draft anyway) and I’m on to the next project.

I’ve still been finding time for cooking. I made some roasted garlic hummus last weekend:

hummus 012

hummus 031

For Thanksgiving dinner I tried Angela’s Chocolate Torte.

hummus 039

Delicious! I mean, I could tell it was made from avocado, but honestly everyone else said if I hadn’t said “it’s vegan and has avocados” they wouldn’t have known. My one friend did, apparently because “her mom tried sneaking vegetables into desserts all the time.”

Now that I’m not so consumed by this project I hope to get back to a more regular blogging experience. So fingers crossed it will happen.

Happy weekend!


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Week’s End

That’s what today is. It’s been a normal productive week I would say. Nothing too spectacular has happened.

Thought on Wednesday I did spoil myself, by picking up a couple books.



Isn’t it pertty? Ok, you can’t see all of it. But I basically opened this book and drooled over the pictures, recipes, and layout. I also got The Joy of Vegan Baking, by the same author. I didn’t intend to buy two books by only one person, but really, they were just both so good looking!

I’ve already marked pages of recipes I intend to try.

Still I haven’t made anything from them yet, but I’ve picked up some ingredients I might be needing in the next week.

I did however hit up my kitchen today.


I was browsing my many bookmarked sights, and stumbled across this recipe on Joy the Baker. I ignored it for awhile. I would move on with my day.


But I would go back a look at the photos on her website. Just you know, looking. No harm in looking right?


And I mean, sometimes looking turns into thinking. Just thinking about how easy it is to throw a chocolate bar into my cart. How I have some oranges that need using.


Then you know, that chocolate bar appears in your shopping basket. It goes through checkout with you and ends up back home, and well, you know, you can’t not use it right?

These were good. Not healthy really (too bad orange zest doesn’t add all those benefits of an orange.) but oh was it good.


I’m talking melt-in-your-mouth good. And I didn’t even use real butter, I can only imagine how delcious they’d have been then.

Just writing about it makes me want another one.

Well I’m off to… procrastinate some more. I might not be going out tonight but somehow studying on a Friday just doesn’t seem right.

What have you baked or cooked recently that’s been delicious? What are your weekend plans?


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That Time of Year

It’s that time of year.


Where there’s ribbons and bows, and candles.


We celebrate with friends, classmates, and co-workers; Happy Holidays! Another year comes to an end.


Where frost is on the ground, and leaves have fallen down.


It’s that time of year where procrastination becomes an art.


Be it baking, photography, or internet surfing.


It’s that time of year that I’d much rather be outside walking around.


Then cooped up in here, hovering over my textbook.

But if I want to pass, I guess I should get to work.

So goodnight blog world, I’ll see you again tomorrow!

PS The Ginger cookies are a vegan recipe I’m working on, it’s not quite ready, when it is, I’ll let you know. 😉


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