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Well this past week I’ve been locking myself up trying to get a little work done.. And very little work has been done indeed. It’s really hard to concentrate when, if I feel like procrastinating, the Olympics are on TV.

I have to say I’m very glad indeed that UBC gave us two weeks off instead of one this year. I don’t know what I’d be doing if I had to be back at school already. I’d be so far behind!

I find the Olympics super inspiring. I know I could never, ever be an Olympic caliber athlete, but seeing those men and women get out there and do a sport flawlessly really makes me want to keep being active.

So to inspire myself to keep at it the way I have been at it, I went online this week and paid some money to run this little race:


No I’m not doing the full marathon, but I am going to do the half Marathon on Sunday May 2nd, right after I finish up all my exams and have to move out of residence.

It will be my first running race in over two years, and I’m really looking forward to it. It will also be my sixth half marathon. But I haven’t run a half marathon in over 4years, in fact the last one I did was the BMO in 2006. So we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve started “training” and by that I mean trying to increase my mileage and do a few speed workouts.

Have you ever done a running race? If so what distance? Would you ever want to?


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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long!

I’ve been very gogogogo for the past week. And now I’m trying to fit in some studying on top of all that going! But hey, the Olympics are only here once right? 😀

Here, let me show you a bit of the Olympic Madness I’ve been participating in:

olympics 015

olympics 029

 olympics 030olympics 051

olympics 058 olympics 054

olympics 077

olympics 082  olympics 084

IMG_9537 IMG_9526 IMG_9558 IMG_9546

Whew! Had enough yet?

The weather has been PERFECT and sunny. It was impossible to stay in. I literally had days where I’d leave at 8am and wouldn’t get home till roughly 11:30pm (and only because I was SO EXHAUSTED I had to go home or pretty much die).

Well, I promise some more in depth posts when I get my energy back, but till then… Have a great day and to those of you enjoying the olympics…IMG_9551



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Finally Here!


Well it feels like Vancouver is the center of the world right now.

On Thursday night it became real when the Torch went through UBC. I was in my Wine Science lab, and got pretty excited when a guy (who had his laptop on) stood up and said, “The Torch is right outside, I’m going!” I quickly stood up “me too!” of course a good dozen other people ran out into the pouring ran that is Vancouver’s Winter. And it was awesome, no lie.

Last night was spent watching the Opening Ceremonies for Vancouver 2010. All in all despite a few hiccups I was pretty impressed. The lights were honestly amazing. Really beautiful, it was honestly my favorite part. I also really enjoyed K.D. Lang’s Hallelujah was really pretty.

OF course the day was a tinted with the tragic death of the Georgian luger (21 years old!). Apparently though they’ve made a lot of changes to the track (mainly trying to slow it down and create some safety pieces. The most disturbing part of this to me was that they kept showing the video over and over again all day. That doesn’t seem very respectful to me. (The luge is happening at this moment, I”m sort of scared to look at the screen!)

Still the atmosphere here is one of pure joy and crazyness. I’m probably heading out to one of the many free concerts that are occuring in and around the venues. Seriously, it’s pretty cool how much there is going to be to do here for the next two weeks, probably won’t be getting much work done!

Well going to go and enjoy me some lazy break time. Have a happy Saturday!

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