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Where have I been?

I have this habit of disappearing over the summer. It happened last year, it happened this year. Maybe it will happen again, who knows?

But I have to say, I was busy this summer, really busy. I took some courses, one that was full time (actually 8 to 4, five days a week). Then I went on a trip. Yes, well trip might be an understatement.

I spent six weeks in the gorgeous country of Kenya, teaching kids about HIV & AIDS:


It was crazy, it was intense. It brought up so many emotions, I don’t think I could describe them all. In some ways I still cannot describe what I’m feeling. Mostly good, mostly. How can it not be, when I was out teaching kids as cute as these:


It was a crazy trip, and I of course did a lot of traveling afterwards too. Saw some of these:


A few of these:


Some of these:


And about a gazillion of these:


And of course zebras, antelope, fancy birds, waterbufalo, but you know there’s only so much room for photos.

I don’t have a lot of time this evening for a long post, but I thought an update would be good, and I’ll try and keep blogging as I get started with my dietetic internship.


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Summer Day

Today has been an average summer day. I began with breakfast, Wasa crackers and almond butter, looked at blogs, worked on learning about blogging, and overall lazyness.

I then set out for a run around 10. Unfortunately I’ve had a weird calf pain, like a tightness, that I can’t run through, so it turned into a walk instead. I walked for 1:04:53, a decent walk to make up for my run I think.

I took pictures of my lunch:


This grand salad had chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, red onion, red pepper, and carrots. Yummy.
Followed by dessert, an apple and a spoonful of peanut butter, 😉 . A delicious lunch.

I then went and bought some groceries for some baking I will be doing today and tomorrow. I’m goin on an overnight hike with my dad and brother and we need some nice dense energy foods to bring with us. I’ll try and remember to take some photos of those.

Well I don’t have much else to add today, I’m mostly just trying to feel my way into this blogging world, we’ll see how it goes.

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