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Too tired to study

Hello lovies! How is the life in the blog world?

I am so busy with studying!


But I did have a rather sweet break today:



IMG_3072 +

Oodles of decorations, from jelly beans (blah) to chocolate, to M&Ms, to smarties, to reece’s pieces. Yum. yum. The above are just some quick shots I took to give you guys a wee peek, really it was all set up nice, and yeah. It was a residence event.

Speaking of residence, my “boss” told me I should be an RA (residence advisor) next year. There was a time when I totally would have said, nah-ah, no way. But now… I dunno, maybe? I think I might actually be good at it. It’s something to think about for next year anyway.

Exercisewise I’ve been a lazy butt. I am still not feeling 100%, not even 75% really, so I’m taking it easy. I did get out on my bike today to grab some groceries. Felt really good.

Foodwise, been pretty dull. Though my soup yesterday was delicious:


Into the pot:
-bit of chopped onion
-olive oil
– water
-frozen veggies
First I sautéed up the garlic and onion in the oil, then added in the broth and water, bringing it to a boil before dumping in the rice noodles. Then I added in some frozen veggies for kicks. On top is a little bit of red chili, just for kicks. 😉

I sat just outside my dorm in a warm sunny patch and ate my soup. It was hot and spicy and the sun was warm and cozy. It was the perfect study break.

Well I’m off to study sleep. I don’t think I’d absorb anything if I did study. I’d rather go to sleep now, wake up early and get more done tomorrow.

Ack, just realized only two + 1/2 days till my first exam.

Scary. I’m gonna have nightmares.


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Brain Dead

Well one midterm down, one more to go! Plus a small paper, plus a huge event! The week is almost done.

Despite many cups of this:


(My apologies for the blurryness, pouring and photographing at once is a difficult task.)
My brain still felt like this:

…… huh?……

After my midterm Ienjoyed a decent lunch with fellow blogger Marianne. We went to the Red Burrito, a mexican restaurant in “the village”. The Village is a small little shopping/eating/living area just outside of campus. It’s pretty much on campus, but technically, I guess it’s not.

I got the tortilla soup:


It was pretty flavourful, but lacking in texture changes. I tried asking for some beans, but the server was like ….uh….I don’t recommend it. So I shrugged and went along with it. It was tough scooping out soggy chips out of my soup though! If they’d been smashed up it would have helped lots! Next time I’ll try a burrito, since Marianne’s looked much more filling then my own little lunch choice.

I went home and promptly chilled out with an apple and some reading.

Well I have a meeting to go to! Must be off. 🙂 Have a great night everyone.


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