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Brain Dead

Well one midterm down, one more to go! Plus a small paper, plus a huge event! The week is almost done.

Despite many cups of this:


(My apologies for the blurryness, pouring and photographing at once is a difficult task.)
My brain still felt like this:

…… huh?……

After my midterm Ienjoyed a decent lunch with fellow blogger Marianne. We went to the Red Burrito, a mexican restaurant in “the village”. The Village is a small little shopping/eating/living area just outside of campus. It’s pretty much on campus, but technically, I guess it’s not.

I got the tortilla soup:


It was pretty flavourful, but lacking in texture changes. I tried asking for some beans, but the server was like ….uh….I don’t recommend it. So I shrugged and went along with it. It was tough scooping out soggy chips out of my soup though! If they’d been smashed up it would have helped lots! Next time I’ll try a burrito, since Marianne’s looked much more filling then my own little lunch choice.

I went home and promptly chilled out with an apple and some reading.

Well I have a meeting to go to! Must be off. 🙂 Have a great night everyone.


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Challenge: week 1

Hello lovely people of blogland!

Sorry I’ve been away! 🙂

Recap of the last few eats….

Friday breakfast:


Look at that melty peanut butter. Look at those yummy dried figs. Soooo good.

My lunch was nothing amazing. I was going to take a pic. But totally forgot! Oh well.

For supper my friend had her bday party at a great local place: The Reef. A local Jamaican & Caribean food place. So good!

Don’t believe me? Look at these yam fries:

So amazing. And so filling. I also got the Trini-Rotini with Jerk Tofu.

Yummy. It was followed by a cupcake. But that was nothing to write home about; one of those pretty but not so tasty. 😦 Oh well. can’t have it all.

Look what made an appearance for breakfast this morning:


Only the batter for the best waffles in the world. Yep. My Dad’s Waffle recipe. I’ve been eating it since I was a wee young lass. Seriously, it’s probably like 20 years! I can’t remember a Sunday when living at home that wasn’t about the waffles. I can’t even eat waffles at restaurants, they can’t even compare! Not only that, but these are super healthy too.

I didn’t eat until way later. I was out running errands, and because of all the eating I was doing lately I just wasn’t hungry. When I was hungry this is what I ate:


Seriously major veggie craving. Yum. Yum.

I snacked on some of my left overs for dinner this evening, plus a couple apples + pb. Just enough to be satisfied.

So… you might remember my 30-Day Challenge of Technology Free Eating. Well so far it’s been successful! I’ve eaten at least one meal a day sans technology, and few days have two or three meals without the computer or the TV! How awesome is that? I’m pretty glad. Not only that, but some of those tech free meals have included good conversation with people, and I’d forgotten how much I like sitting down to a meal with people…

Well. I’ve been trying to study… but well it hasn’t been super successful. But maybe it will be.

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