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A little Wind


I’m sorry! I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve written! *Gasp* My apologies. The week just got away from me…

Outside there’s apparently winds of 60-80km/hr. Trees are down, electricity is down for some, the ferries aren’t running; it’s crazy! Despite the winds gusting and busting last night, I slept relatively well. Probably because I’ve been sleeping poorly lately and am soooooo tired.

I got up to some more baking this weekend…

jan12-17 006

Used up some of that Pumpkin in some pumpkin muffin making.

jan12-17 010

Not yum:

jan12-17 009

Dishes are the least fun part of cooking.

In other news I get to cook for fifty plus people this weekend for an event we’ll be having! Woo! I promise to document this.

Other than that, I do not have much news. Angela at Oh She Glows posted an interesting post about getting over your obsession with weight, I really enjoy reading the comments on these blogs, since it’s so nice to know many of us have gone through similar stories.

Alright, I’m signing out! But I promise to be back more this week!


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What to write, what to write…

Today I’m at a loss of what to write about. I forgot to take any pictures of food today, so sadly I can’t write about what I’ve eaten today! Or I could just describe it, but that’s no where near as fun!

I went to a farm today, we were supposed to do some Community Service Learning (where-in you do community service, and learn at the same time!), but it really felt more like we were learning and not being helpful. We went to a few fields to see how much cover crops (the grass grown by farmers during winter when there are no crops to grow) have been eaten by the migratory birds that come to roost here in Vancouver. I’m working in a class group and we’re working with the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust. It’s a group meant to help farmers and help wildlife at the same time! gasp! It’s really cool actually, I’m enjoying the work.

Here are some photos of my eats this weekend:
These were seriously so good. They’re Rice Cakes. Basically think of a sweet dumpling dough, covering a soft strawberry mouse on top of a little cookie crust, and a single gewy strawberry in the center. OMG so good. Sooooo soft and sweet.

Had to have something pumpkiny this weekend, yes? 😉

And this, to just totally embarrass myself:

Yes it’s me, in my halloween costume. Old School athlete! oh yeah.


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Study? Nah, let’s bake!

This was my morning:IMG_2648

My To-Do list:



This was my afternoon:

[insert cool swimming picture]

Followed by a walk to the grocery store:


Fall is so pretty!

My evening:

Hmmm, what am I making? You can see the star of the show right there!

Out of the oven…



So quickly devoured!


I made Pumpkin Cake from the book My Sweet Vegan. It’s by unversity student Hannah Kaminsky. These tasty recipes are all vegan, but so easy! And so good. I’ve made vegan “cheesecake” and this cake, as well as Fig and Graham Flour scones (so good, going to make these soon!). Just amazing. Check out her blog; Bittersweet (seriously, her photos will make you drool!).

Then I went to my residence’s Thanksgiving Dinner where it was quickly devoured. Only  few crumbs. 🙂 yay. I love seeing people gobble up my food. Is it weird that I’m saddened when there’s some left?

My swim today was awesome. I think swimming is highly underappreciated. It’s a great sport! And so few blogs talk about it. Anyone else for the swimming love?

Hmmm…. I think I might have a post for tomorrow for you all! Ideas Ideas! I spend far too much time thinking about this blog, and not enough thinking about my schoolwork! I have two midterms coming up, and a couple big events. Right now I’m terrified of failing. And it’s definitely a possibility. 😦

Oh well. Maybe I’ll study for a bit?

Or maybe I’ll chill out and watch some TV.


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 Look where I went today:


I bought these (because I keep reading about them here, and I’ve wanted to try them Forever!)


I also bought some of this:


I might not do some pumpkin oats a la Kath. But I do like me some pumpkin muffins and some pumpkin biscotti.

And I’ve taken care of a couple washrooms:



yeah Operation Beautiful.

Tomorrow I’m going to a farm! I hope it’s fun.


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