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Hello everyone!

So glad to see that some of you are running the 1/2 Marathon in May or at least very supportive! Maybe I’ll see you there. 🙂 Let me know how training is going for you all.

My exciting training news: I went on a 15k run this weekend with a friend of mine, and boy did he push me. My time: 1hour22min. *Gasp* what? lol. I’m still a little sore, but in a good way. 😉 I’m going to do a post later this week about my training I think, and share some of my tips. Would you be interested in that? Would you like me to share my training schedule? I love that Caitlyn and Angela share their training schedules, since I find it’s interesting to see what other people do to train.

Alright, today I’m talking about something entirely different though! Let’s just say that being only three days back into school after a two week break has made me think about…


So if you’re like me you probably have a long to do list:


I know! Ridiculous! And I even forgot a few things on there…

The thing is, not all of the stuff on there has to be done today, or even tomorrow or even soon! Some of it is more important then others. And that’s the key. It’s important to make the list smaller by seeing what has to be done, and by when. That way you conquer the most important tasks first.

Now I highlight the important stuff:


Then put them into order of “importance”. I also like to add a possible estimated time to devote to these things:


Looks so much more doable doesn’t it? Obviously there are times when doing this is actually a bigger waste of time then not, but this will actually help me over the next couple days, since most of the high priority things: studying, job search and RURA council stuff is on going and serves more as a reminder then anything…

What do you do to not overwhelm yourself with crazy to-do lists?

How do you “schedule” your life?



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