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2011 – Here we go

Well I’m feeling quite disorganized these days. Why? it’s hard to pin point a cause, but for some reason the start to 2011 isn’t feeling up to snuff. I’m delaying getting started on important things like school like blogging. :p Clearly I didn’t blog over the break.


Because I did absolutely NOTHING over the break. And I mean NOTHING. I baked ONCE. Seriously. I tried making nut butters a la Edible Prospective, but alas they didn’t really turn out. I spent too many hours in front of the TV eating too much chocolate.

And you know what?

I enjoyed every minute of it. Sure all my pants are SUPER tight right now, but that won’t last forever, will it? I hope not anyway. :p

Sadly I don’t have pictures for this post yet, but I am going to share some of my New Years Resolutions with you all.

1. Figure My Life out

And by this I mean start volunteering with dietitians who have jobs that interest me. I sort of know what interests me, but I have no idea how to take the first steps of getting there. It’s weird but no one tells you that after you graduate the perfect job doesn’t just FALL into your lap, go figure. So I need to see a plan, a line, a vision of how to get to where I want to be (and figure out where that is.)

2. Eat less sugar

Last year was the year of sugar for me. I think it’s totally cool to have something sweet once a day (like a slice of cake, ice cream, or a chocolate bar) but I have been on sugar overload honestly since April 2009. My goal is just to start getting back into eating whole foods. And because of the holiday chocolate/sugar/fat/junk food fest, sugar is the least of my cravings.

3. Post more healthy recipes

This is a blog specific one, and it ties in nicely with the above doesn’t it? Obviously if I’m trying to bake less, I’ll have to try and post some yummy healthy recipes. And don’t worry I’ve already got some up my sleeve! 😀 You’ll see it’ll be good.

4. Save money

There’s two reasons for this. I’d like to do some traveling if I have a gap year before my internship. And I need some money for said internship (unpaid, can you believe it?). So I’d like to really try and save money, by spending less in the school year and maybe picking up some part time work and by getting a decent job in the summer.

That seems like enough for now, doesn’t it? A post without pictures gets boring fast (at least I think so) so I’ll leave it there. I have some other more personal goals, but not everything needs to go on the blog does it?

Happy New Year (belated) to all and looking forward to a fun blogging year in 2011.


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