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Home For the Holidays

Well it’s been awhile. My how time flies when you’re not in school. 😀

Thursday I tried to do my chirstmas shopping. But unfortunately I didn’t quite finish. Dang it. Holiday shopping = not fun.

But now I’m home. Upon getting  home friday I set my sights on some candy making. Fudge!

Here it is cooling. OMG, did that take forever!


This fudge was like WAY too sweet to be honest. Makes my teeth hurt. And yet can’t stop eating it. 😉

Yesterday was super busy. First I went and got groceries. My parents were up late doing Operation Red Nose (driving the drunks home.) and these days you have to hit the stores early to avoid the horribleness that is holiday shopping. Plus I LOVE grocery shopping and when I’m home I use my parents money to indulge in a few things I totally wouldn’t on my own. 😉

Then it was off to the Christmas Tree Farm!




Our tree!

We’ll be setting it up later. After the tree hunting (I did the chopping, hard work!) we went to a little coffee chain Cowboy Coffee for some treats.


Raspberry and Pistachio biscotti. This was delicious! Usually I’m sorely disappointed by store made biscotti. But this was really good.
My mom knows about the blog (I don’t know if she reads it) and upon seeing me photographing my treat, pushed hers in front of my camera…


Pumpkin pecan loaf. Also really good (I had to have a bite!). And then so my dad wouldn’t feel left out I snapped a quick shot of his raspberry muffin:


After this I went to meet my friend for a little catch up and shopping. I had a pita from Extreme Pita but I didn’t take a picture. I still didn’t finish my shopping, all I accomplished was getting my self  a hat. 😦

I went for a run last night, which is slightly dangerous as Kamloops is a valley, and I live at the top of the hill, so all the running is up or down. But I was careful, ran in lit places and watched for icy patches. It was so nice to run around and look at the Christmas lights. Made me all warm and fuzzy.

The night ended with a trip out for some fun and dancing. When we left the bar it was snowing! So far I’ve seen snow and sun in Kamloops. Love it! Even the cloudiness seems brighter then Vancouver.

Alright I’m off. I think I need to do some baking. Hmmm, something yummy. I’m honestly leaving to some biscotti… with an orange and cloves plus cinnamon flavour? Hmmm, think I’ll browse the net before I settle on a final plan.


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That was what I said right after I got out of my exam today.



How did I celebrate?

With a bowl of oatmeal! I was starving! lol. 😉 I made it a la Hungry Yogini. Putting my nut butter on the bottom:

Oatmeal + toppings on top:

Then I chilled, watched TV, handed out some Christmas cards to friends. 🙂 Tomorrow I plan to  get my Christmas shopping done. Sigh. So many presents to buy. So little money to do it with.

Wow, I cannot believe how fast this semester went by! Is it almost Christmas already? Not just this semester actually, where has this year gone? Time just starts to fly as you get older. Guess it’s because a year is worth less? When you’re 5, a year is 1/5th your life, whereas being 22, it’s 1/22 of your life?

Sometimes I’m scared it’s going to fly by me, and I’m going to miss something and wake up thirty… and be not where I’d want to be. And recently the bigger question I’ve had is where do I even want to be when I’m 30? Because to not end up there, I have to know where there is.
lol deep thoughts. :p Let’s just say I’ve been thinking a little too much this semester.

hmmmm. I’m gonna go and relax a little. Aka, continue being the lazy bum I’ve been since my exam ended. Yay freedom!


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Warm and Cozy

There’s something about being in my growing-up-home that leaves me warm and fuzzy. I had a great weekend cooking for everyone. 😀 Yes I’m a weird student who comes home and cooks for her family.

Breakfast was delicious; the egg was definitely fresh and organic (there’s a huge difference between a regular and an organic egg…). The toast was a piece of bread from a bakery in Chase, soft and perfect.


My parents inherited a crazy amount of nice china… so they use it all the time now. Nothing wrong with using the good stuff, makes every meal special. 😉

Plus another piece of toast + honey + margarine.


I went to Red Robin with a couple of my bestest friends. We had the Towering onion rings, and I had an Apple Harvest Salad with a poppy seed honey mustard dressing. Seriously amazing dressing… I didn’t snap any photos because they would have seriously made fun, since I had an extra-large chunky camera… (And eos Rebel, which will soon be mine!)

Later that day I did some baking staring this little bean:


Let’s just say it wasn’t the main meal I was making. 😉

Then I got started on dinner, on the menu:

  • Gouda and Lentil soup. (recipe)
  • Mandarin Orange and Spinach salad with candied walnuts.
  • Bun from Cob’s Bread (didn’t have time to make my own….)
  • And the dessert!
  • Some amazing Riesling wine from a BC winery.


So good. And what happened to those black beans?


Brownies!!!! I remembered reading about Black Bean brownies I don’t know when, and today I’ve decided to try it. (jeese I’ve been in a brownie mood…).

Recipe was from here.

The crappy photo doesn’t do them justice! Right now I’m chilling here waiting for my bff (Did I just write that?) to come over for some lovely waffles. Then I’ll be off to catch a bus to take me home back to Vancouver. I kept catching myself calling Vancouver home, hmmmmm.

I’m off, I meant to get some studying in, but it’s not gonna happen… Something to do for the bus I suppose.


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There’s No Place Like Home

Well guess where I am?



My day started out pretty normal:


Nope I didn’t buy a coffee, just reused the cup from yesterday’s earl grey tea! 😀

Then I just decided I’d head home! I’d thought about it last weekend, but convinced myself I couldn’t before of a midterm. Then I changed my mind!

Food for the journey (for my tummy and my mind! 😉 )


I was not a big fan of the organicnaturebar. I tried the Almond Raisin flavour. Too many sesame seeds for me.

Later we stopped in Chilliwack:


Homestyle biscuit, pb, and some chocolate milk.

I didn’t get home until 8pm! 😦 So long.

I immediately gobbled up a couple girl guide cookies. Then some stove top popcorn:


If you have a large pot you can make stove top popcorn:

  • oil
  • popcorn kernels
  • salt + buttah for topping.

Put a pot on the stove (have lid handy) put oil in the pot. Should be about enough to coat the bottom. Throw in the popcorn, turn the heat up, and put the lid on. Listen until you hear popping. Then start sort of shaking the pot over top of the heat… Until the popping stops! Top with salt + butter or bragg’s and nutritional yeast. So good. And no weird mystery ingredients like in microwave popcorn. Be really careful listening for the popping.

Add to my day’s eats: an orange, cheese, piece bread with honey and butter.

Alright, I’m watching House on Haunted Hill with my bestest friend. 🙂 It’s er… yeah, on TV. 😉



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Challenge: week 1

Hello lovely people of blogland!

Sorry I’ve been away! 🙂

Recap of the last few eats….

Friday breakfast:


Look at that melty peanut butter. Look at those yummy dried figs. Soooo good.

My lunch was nothing amazing. I was going to take a pic. But totally forgot! Oh well.

For supper my friend had her bday party at a great local place: The Reef. A local Jamaican & Caribean food place. So good!

Don’t believe me? Look at these yam fries:

So amazing. And so filling. I also got the Trini-Rotini with Jerk Tofu.

Yummy. It was followed by a cupcake. But that was nothing to write home about; one of those pretty but not so tasty. 😦 Oh well. can’t have it all.

Look what made an appearance for breakfast this morning:


Only the batter for the best waffles in the world. Yep. My Dad’s Waffle recipe. I’ve been eating it since I was a wee young lass. Seriously, it’s probably like 20 years! I can’t remember a Sunday when living at home that wasn’t about the waffles. I can’t even eat waffles at restaurants, they can’t even compare! Not only that, but these are super healthy too.

I didn’t eat until way later. I was out running errands, and because of all the eating I was doing lately I just wasn’t hungry. When I was hungry this is what I ate:


Seriously major veggie craving. Yum. Yum.

I snacked on some of my left overs for dinner this evening, plus a couple apples + pb. Just enough to be satisfied.

So… you might remember my 30-Day Challenge of Technology Free Eating. Well so far it’s been successful! I’ve eaten at least one meal a day sans technology, and few days have two or three meals without the computer or the TV! How awesome is that? I’m pretty glad. Not only that, but some of those tech free meals have included good conversation with people, and I’d forgotten how much I like sitting down to a meal with people…

Well. I’ve been trying to study… but well it hasn’t been super successful. But maybe it will be.

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