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Resolutions 2010

So for much of December I was thinking about what my goals would be for the New Year. In true dorkyness, I was excited and anticipated these goals a lot. See, I’m a HUGE goal setter. I’m a list maker, every day I have “goals” I have to accomplish. Some days I finish those lists, most days do not. I set goals all year round. I have some long term goals, and some short term goals going on all the time.

Pretty much all day 2009 I was thinking about how to write down my goals, what to make them. In fact I even wrote down a few, and even had some “SMART” ways of achieving these goals.

Then 2010 came… and well, I suddenly didn’t feel like those goals. Or like committing to them. Am I all goaled out? Could it be? Oh no! It cannot be!

But alas, it isn’t so. I’ve actually sat here tonight and complied a few goals I’d like to achieve this year.

  1. Get more ENERGY.
  2. Keep my grades where they are or higher!
  3. Be an awesome prez (do some bossing around yo! 😉 )
  4. Explore my creative side; maybe take a photography class (if I can afford it)
  5. Live on a budget (OMG I am so poor right now, or will be when I pay my student fees)
  6. Get my running mileage up to 1/2 marathon distances
  7. Swim, bike, and strength train.
  8. Do yoga
  9. Make actual meals (Means cooking once in a while)
  10. Embrace life!

They’re sort of ordered in importance, though that last one is honestly one of the biggest of them. I want to try going with the flow more, not worrying or stressing as much about those things I cannot change.

But yeah, i feel like the first one, getting more energy will help me to achieve a few of my goals, like grades, the running, and other exercise goals. to do this I’m going to try getting more sleep, drinking less coffee, and eating healthy balanced meals. This past semester my eating has been just…crazy. Or not crazy for most people, but for me it hasn’t felt right. I plan to really try and improve my eating.

So there you have it, a few goals for this New Year.



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Work It

I’m sad to say that I didn’t pick up anything interesting on Boxing Day. Oh well. But I actually don’t really have the money to be buying anything, so it’s probably better this way. 🙂

christmas 002

Yesterday I went skiing snowboarding at Sun Peaks. It was a gorgeous day. Kamloops was well hidden beneath low clouds, but the mountain was up high, above the gray. My parents and I hit the slopes until my legs were begging me to stop. It was great.

I’ve actually remained pretty active this holiday, and since I’m not exhausted from school the workouts get a lot of my energy. I like working out when I’m at home, because it’s usually time for me to get away from everyone. Sounds so evil doesn’t it? But living away from home, I’m not used to having people (who I love dearly) around me 24/7, so it’s nice to just get away from everyone for an hour or a bit.

Workouts I’ve done since being home:

  • Running (outside on hills)
  • Weird at home workout inspired by Fit Chick in the City
  • At the gym: (just an example)
    10min bike
    arms (2 different exercises such as curls, or bench press)
    10min bike
    2 new arm exercises(not the above)
    10min on treadmill
    legs (squats)
    10min on treadmill
    abs (for about 5min or the length of a song)
  • A couple of 20 min yoga classes from yogadownload.com

A couple of my gifts this Christmas were fitness oriented:

christmas 001

Wintertrax, for running in the snow. Gloves, and a yoga block. yay!

Also, just because, here a couple more of my gifts. The story behind this is, I love eating BIG SALADS. Lots of green, with lots of toppings. yum. yum. But I don’t have any big enough salad bowls at home. So I asked my brother for a nice big salad bowl. He got me one:

christmas 004

And he got me this:

christmas 006

Yep. That’s a dog bowl. We definitely had a good laugh. I guess he went to Homesense, and they just throw everything all over the place in that store, but the bottom definitely says accessories for your pet. Oh well, it’s clean, so it should be good to eat out of, right?

Alright, I’m off to find stuff to do. Can you believe I’m getting bored and want to get back to school???


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Mental Health 101

Hello all!

My marathon study session continues. Well sort of.

See I’m a horrible student. I can’t do the marathons study sessions, never been good at, hope to never be good at it. I can’t sacrifice my health (physical or mental) for the sake of an A in a class. I get decent grades, I do the work, but hey I like balance.

How Do I keep myself sane during exam periods?

These are some of my favorite random tips I’ve accumulated over the years:

  • Take Breaks: I usually take a break every hour or so. Sometimes it’s 5min. Usually it’s about 20min. And sometimes it’s an hour. 😉 What can I say? Sometimes I really need a break.
  • Exercise. Usually at least one of those breaks is exercising. The past few days it’s been really simple for me; running errands. Going over to the free gym in residence for a treadmill workout, and doing a little yoga. I actually started my day today with exercise.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sometimes you have to let some other things slide. Don’t feel like doing the dishes? Room a mess? Didn’t quite hit your study quota? Bet you got a lot done anyway! Unless it’s really distracting you, oh well! you’ve got bigger fish to fry.
  • Don’t guilt trip. Ok this one is personal, as has been mentioned before I’m a total stress eater. I’m actually not doing too bad right now. Sure I’ve had some ice cream and a cookie or two, but on the whole? I’m not stressing about it. 🙂 Other things to worry about.
  • Have a plan. I like a plan. I usually make a list of what I’d like to get done; everything from just start time, to exercise, to breaks and what I’m going to study. But I don’t guilt myself if I don’t follow it strictly. Just sort of gives me structure when there really isn’t a lot of structure in my day….
  • Just do it. Sometimes you have no idea how to go about studying for something, and you let the worry get to you. Honestly, sometimes you just have to dive in, and hope the path opens up to you.

Those are the main ways I keep sane anyway. I do think I take too long of breaks, and I probably could have really good grades.

I mean just look at what I’m doing right now? A little procrastination? Maybe…

Alright, I’m back to studying! This has been one super long break. 😉


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Wellness Day

Before leaving for the fair I had some lunch:


Cheese, tempeh burger, carrots, red peppers.

Look at my loot from the wellness fair:


I got my blood pressure done: 100/70 (low normal, good apparently!), I got my posture checked; all good, except my right hip is far higher then my left, and apparently I put about 10lbs on my right hip as apposed to my left hip! I sometimes get lower back pain, and this might be the cause! I’m really curious to go to the chiropractor actually and see what can be done/figured out… I also got my body fat measured, which included a weigh in. 😀 Lower then last week even with food and being later in the day. There were some other cool things like info on cancer, mental health, UBC farm, and so much more. I also picked up this delightful snack while at the sub:


Vegan brownie from Sprouts. And some earl grey tea (only because I wanted one of those cups. 🙂 ).

I went to the gym with my friend Joyce. The residence beside ours has a beautiful free gym with all new equipment! We did:

  • 35min on stationary bike
  • Abs, the following twice through:
    • 20 crunchs
    • 10/side bicycle
    • 10 leg lifts
    • 20 supermans

Then I had supper:


(man I ate a lot of cheese today.)

And dessert:


Inspire tea tetley herbal tea. And a chocolate chip shot.  😉

Alright, well I’m off to watch TV study. 😉


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Study? Nah, let’s bake!

This was my morning:IMG_2648

My To-Do list:



This was my afternoon:

[insert cool swimming picture]

Followed by a walk to the grocery store:


Fall is so pretty!

My evening:

Hmmm, what am I making? You can see the star of the show right there!

Out of the oven…



So quickly devoured!


I made Pumpkin Cake from the book My Sweet Vegan. It’s by unversity student Hannah Kaminsky. These tasty recipes are all vegan, but so easy! And so good. I’ve made vegan “cheesecake” and this cake, as well as Fig and Graham Flour scones (so good, going to make these soon!). Just amazing. Check out her blog; Bittersweet (seriously, her photos will make you drool!).

Then I went to my residence’s Thanksgiving Dinner where it was quickly devoured. Only  few crumbs. 🙂 yay. I love seeing people gobble up my food. Is it weird that I’m saddened when there’s some left?

My swim today was awesome. I think swimming is highly underappreciated. It’s a great sport! And so few blogs talk about it. Anyone else for the swimming love?

Hmmm…. I think I might have a post for tomorrow for you all! Ideas Ideas! I spend far too much time thinking about this blog, and not enough thinking about my schoolwork! I have two midterms coming up, and a couple big events. Right now I’m terrified of failing. And it’s definitely a possibility. 😦

Oh well. Maybe I’ll study for a bit?

Or maybe I’ll chill out and watch some TV.


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Challenge: Day 1


Today my breakfast was most blogger like. Thanks to getting groceries yesterday I actually had peanut butter.

Yum, the chop stick worked awesome for mixing up my peanut butter.

And the main event: IMG_2628

Into Pot:
1/3 cup oatmeal
3/4cup water/milk
1/2 banana thinly sliced

3-4dates chopped
1 tbsp raisins
peanut butter. Don’t know how much. 😉

I then went for a 10k run with  my friend Ally. We’re actually planning to do a race in November (10k) and then a half-marathon in February. Awesome right? The run today was amazing, perfect autumn weather; sunny, colourful, crispy, cool, but not frosty or anything. Just lovely. So I’m pretty sure we did 10k, but my garmin wouldn’t start right away so it only recorded part of the distance…

Then I showered, blah blah. Then I had lunch:

IMG_2631 The Sandwich:
Mack’s Flax, Silver Hills Bread
1/2 advocado
cheddar cheese

Notice the closed laptop, and the faraway remotes? Yep, this was my technology free meal of the day. Although tonight will also be technology free; I’ll be eating a free thanksgiving dinner at my friend’s residence. Hopefully there’s lots of vegetarian options! 🙂

Well I’m basically procrastinating doing school work, so I’ll say so long for now! But I’ll try and snap some shots of tonight’s meal.


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You guessed it!

Or rather, Annabel did!IMG_2520

Can you spot it there hiding behind my breakfast?

I first heard about garmin forerunners about a year ago, I remember seeing them mentioned several times on blogs, then at Christmas my dad and brother both received some. I remember thinking, man that would be so cool!

Since I had a birthday coming up I mentioned to my parents my dream of owning a garmin while they were here visitng for the weekend. Well, they said, since we’re in town we thought, we might as well just go to MEC and get you one now.

Needless to say I was quite excited.

And even more excited when we went, and they got me the newest in the Forerunner series: The Forerunner 310XT. I’ll admit it. I am a spoiled girl. But I do plan to use this thing all the time. 🙂
I took it on my group run this morning and, well I was impatient to let it really get started, once it did get going, it worked great!


I don’t have anything to compare it too, but it works well so far. I was also too tired (it was 6am! And still dark!) to put on the heart rate monitor, but I’ll be trying that tomorrow most likely. I will definitely do a post later on how well it’s working, a review if you will. Apparently it’s still pretty new to the market, so there isn’t a lot out there on it. Here’s what the guy at MEC explained is new:

– It is now waterproof this means it can be used in a pool (though probably not the heart rate monitor part). And it should be as glitchy when you sweat on it.

– It has 20hours of barttery life for training

– Is still wireless for transmitting data to your computer and Garmin Connect.

And I think that’s about it for new additions. The main reason I went for this one, is it fits my wrist way better than the garmin Forerunner 305 did. Being able to use it swimming as well as running and biking, is just the bonus ;).

So excited!

Onto other news…

This morning was the first real run for my residences Running Club which is run by… me. I have to admit this here. I am scared.

It went really well, but I did wake up an hour early worrying about if anyone would show up, after they all sent me e-mails saying they did. We ran together for about 2 miles, we had a large variance in running skill, and I’m not sure what to do. I question if the way it went today was done well. Or if there should be some changes. But I don’t even know what those changes would be.

I never think of myself as a natural leader. I am an introvert by nature, and used to be notoriously shy. Still this year I became president of my residences’ volunteer-run council and have found myself in a position of leadership at my residence. O.O

So I have several questions for you readers out there.

Would you be interested in reading about the changes that being put (volunteerily I’ll admit) into a leadership position has done to me? (this just came to me, I was originally just going to ask the question below, but well, this could be an interesting look into things.)

And, because I want your help. Can you give me some advice, ideas for running a Run Club, or things that you would like to learn about running, if someone would teach you?


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