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The Last Shop

Dun Dun Dun.

Well I survived the double examing today. Barely, but I’m alive. Let’s just say… I don’t even want to think about it.

I’ve taken the afternoon/evening off. Watched TV, napped. And went for my last grocery shop here in Van! Until January that is. Yep, I’ll be leaving in one week exactly! This time next friday I plan to be home sweet home.

The Loot:


Yep. Look at that kale! So nice and green. Last week I had my first Kale Chip experience, and I think a repeat is in order for this week. 😀 And lots of other healthy snacks. Picked up some dried mango, which I’m munching on right now. And a little chemical treat, aka coke zero. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta indulge!

On the agenda for tonight. CLEANING!!! Yay! Yes I’m looking forward to cleaning. See I love neatness. But I’m a total clutter bug. It’s funny to go home (to my parent’s home) because when I first arrive it’s usually nice and clean, then these little piles of paper, or my computer, or like other random junk just end up everywhere!

And it’s the same here. Seriously, my s*** is all over the place. I don’t know how my parents put up with me. Guess I’m just so lovable.

Want some before pictures? Hopefully soon they’ll be after pictures. (though it’s going to be one of those, clean while chilling evenings. aka the tv will be on.)


Man. look at that junk! Those bags in the corner are full of hoodies that residents bought…

And the bedroom:IMG_3080 Ok, is my giraff print housecoat not fabulous? It was a rando Christmas present from my mom last year.

And the other corner of the bedroom:


… I have no excuse.

Well, I’m off, and I’ll be back later, with some after pics.

Night internet folks!



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