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Too tired to study

Hello lovies! How is the life in the blog world?

I am so busy with studying!


But I did have a rather sweet break today:



IMG_3072 +

Oodles of decorations, from jelly beans (blah) to chocolate, to M&Ms, to smarties, to reece’s pieces. Yum. yum. The above are just some quick shots I took to give you guys a wee peek, really it was all set up nice, and yeah. It was a residence event.

Speaking of residence, my “boss” told me I should be an RA (residence advisor) next year. There was a time when I totally would have said, nah-ah, no way. But now… I dunno, maybe? I think I might actually be good at it. It’s something to think about for next year anyway.

Exercisewise I’ve been a lazy butt. I am still not feeling 100%, not even 75% really, so I’m taking it easy. I did get out on my bike today to grab some groceries. Felt really good.

Foodwise, been pretty dull. Though my soup yesterday was delicious:


Into the pot:
-bit of chopped onion
-olive oil
– water
-frozen veggies
First I sautéed up the garlic and onion in the oil, then added in the broth and water, bringing it to a boil before dumping in the rice noodles. Then I added in some frozen veggies for kicks. On top is a little bit of red chili, just for kicks. 😉

I sat just outside my dorm in a warm sunny patch and ate my soup. It was hot and spicy and the sun was warm and cozy. It was the perfect study break.

Well I’m off to study sleep. I don’t think I’d absorb anything if I did study. I’d rather go to sleep now, wake up early and get more done tomorrow.

Ack, just realized only two + 1/2 days till my first exam.

Scary. I’m gonna have nightmares.



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Because Food is for More then eating!

I was bored last night so…

I took an orange:


And some whole cloves:


I poked some wholes in that orange, inserted some cloves, and 45min later lookie what I had:


A pomander!I had no idea that’s what it was called. When I was little I had this craft book that had this in it. I’ve wanted to make one forever! And I finally did. 😀 It smelled soooooo good in here last night because of it.

This evening I had a super late supper (9pm! That’s late for me…):


Some sort of Smoothie Green Monster in a Bowl. Yum. With some cereal and some raisins mixed in. (thanks Kath and Angela and Liz! lol

Why was supper so late?

I tried out for a musical today!!!!!

So crazy. I don’t usually do this sort of thing. I don’t even know why I did it. I’ve always been interested in musicals and stuff… so I thought, why not? I just want a small part, but it will be fun to be involved! And if I change my mind… I change my mind, but it’s better to at least try then not and regret it. 

LOL. We’ll see. I’m more worried about whether or not I’ll have time, you know? A girl can only take so much on her plate before she collapses. 😉 Right now though I’m on the sort of high you get from pushing your boundaries. 😀


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