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Wow. It’s been crazy for me here, and not in a good way. Tough to fit it all in sort of crazy. I’ve been having trouble finding the time.
But today, was a good day, and I found the time to just breathe.

It started with a blogger favorite: Oats in A Jar.

And ended with this:

Free late Harvest Wine from chile anyone? I was lucky and won a draw in my Wine Science class. Yummy. I’ll have to wait for a good occasion to open this baby.

Hmmm, it’s been a good day. And my blogging will continue to be rather sporadic unfortunately. It’s just that time of year in the student life.



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One Week In

And I already feel behind! Wow, Friday already?! Time flies.

Most of my courses are the usual run of mill sciences courses, but there’s one I’m excited for. Can you guess what it might be?

Let me give you a clue…

1stweek 004

Still not sure? ok ok, here’s one more clue…

1stweek 006

Think you got it?

Yep, I’m definitely in an Intro to Wine Science. aka, wine tasting for labs. 😀
Guess the alcoholic foodie in me is coming out. I wasn’t originally in this class, but the elective I did have didn’t count as a restricted elective. Instead of fighting it I decided to just find a different course (if one interested me) that would let me in. This one did, and I got in! yay!

My weekend is looking pretty busy… with HOMEWORK. EGAHDS?! is this term starting quickly or is it just me?
I am going out tonight, but just for dinner, and maybe I’ll study up on my wine tasting. 😉

Hope you guys all have more exciting weekend plans then I do.


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