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Work It

I’m sad to say that I didn’t pick up anything interesting on Boxing Day. Oh well. But I actually don’t really have the money to be buying anything, so it’s probably better this way. 🙂

christmas 002

Yesterday I went skiing snowboarding at Sun Peaks. It was a gorgeous day. Kamloops was well hidden beneath low clouds, but the mountain was up high, above the gray. My parents and I hit the slopes until my legs were begging me to stop. It was great.

I’ve actually remained pretty active this holiday, and since I’m not exhausted from school the workouts get a lot of my energy. I like working out when I’m at home, because it’s usually time for me to get away from everyone. Sounds so evil doesn’t it? But living away from home, I’m not used to having people (who I love dearly) around me 24/7, so it’s nice to just get away from everyone for an hour or a bit.

Workouts I’ve done since being home:

  • Running (outside on hills)
  • Weird at home workout inspired by Fit Chick in the City
  • At the gym: (just an example)
    10min bike
    arms (2 different exercises such as curls, or bench press)
    10min bike
    2 new arm exercises(not the above)
    10min on treadmill
    legs (squats)
    10min on treadmill
    abs (for about 5min or the length of a song)
  • A couple of 20 min yoga classes from yogadownload.com

A couple of my gifts this Christmas were fitness oriented:

christmas 001

Wintertrax, for running in the snow. Gloves, and a yoga block. yay!

Also, just because, here a couple more of my gifts. The story behind this is, I love eating BIG SALADS. Lots of green, with lots of toppings. yum. yum. But I don’t have any big enough salad bowls at home. So I asked my brother for a nice big salad bowl. He got me one:

christmas 004

And he got me this:

christmas 006

Yep. That’s a dog bowl. We definitely had a good laugh. I guess he went to Homesense, and they just throw everything all over the place in that store, but the bottom definitely says accessories for your pet. Oh well, it’s clean, so it should be good to eat out of, right?

Alright, I’m off to find stuff to do. Can you believe I’m getting bored and want to get back to school???


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That was what I said right after I got out of my exam today.



How did I celebrate?

With a bowl of oatmeal! I was starving! lol. 😉 I made it a la Hungry Yogini. Putting my nut butter on the bottom:

Oatmeal + toppings on top:

Then I chilled, watched TV, handed out some Christmas cards to friends. 🙂 Tomorrow I plan to  get my Christmas shopping done. Sigh. So many presents to buy. So little money to do it with.

Wow, I cannot believe how fast this semester went by! Is it almost Christmas already? Not just this semester actually, where has this year gone? Time just starts to fly as you get older. Guess it’s because a year is worth less? When you’re 5, a year is 1/5th your life, whereas being 22, it’s 1/22 of your life?

Sometimes I’m scared it’s going to fly by me, and I’m going to miss something and wake up thirty… and be not where I’d want to be. And recently the bigger question I’ve had is where do I even want to be when I’m 30? Because to not end up there, I have to know where there is.
lol deep thoughts. :p Let’s just say I’ve been thinking a little too much this semester.

hmmmm. I’m gonna go and relax a little. Aka, continue being the lazy bum I’ve been since my exam ended. Yay freedom!


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Too tired to study

Hello lovies! How is the life in the blog world?

I am so busy with studying!


But I did have a rather sweet break today:



IMG_3072 +

Oodles of decorations, from jelly beans (blah) to chocolate, to M&Ms, to smarties, to reece’s pieces. Yum. yum. The above are just some quick shots I took to give you guys a wee peek, really it was all set up nice, and yeah. It was a residence event.

Speaking of residence, my “boss” told me I should be an RA (residence advisor) next year. There was a time when I totally would have said, nah-ah, no way. But now… I dunno, maybe? I think I might actually be good at it. It’s something to think about for next year anyway.

Exercisewise I’ve been a lazy butt. I am still not feeling 100%, not even 75% really, so I’m taking it easy. I did get out on my bike today to grab some groceries. Felt really good.

Foodwise, been pretty dull. Though my soup yesterday was delicious:


Into the pot:
-bit of chopped onion
-olive oil
– water
-frozen veggies
First I sautéed up the garlic and onion in the oil, then added in the broth and water, bringing it to a boil before dumping in the rice noodles. Then I added in some frozen veggies for kicks. On top is a little bit of red chili, just for kicks. 😉

I sat just outside my dorm in a warm sunny patch and ate my soup. It was hot and spicy and the sun was warm and cozy. It was the perfect study break.

Well I’m off to study sleep. I don’t think I’d absorb anything if I did study. I’d rather go to sleep now, wake up early and get more done tomorrow.

Ack, just realized only two + 1/2 days till my first exam.

Scary. I’m gonna have nightmares.


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