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Coconut Oatmeal

I just can’t get enough!

Or rather, I have some coconut milk to get rid of or it’ll just go bad…

So this morning he was the star of my oatmeal:


Almond butter is a little resentful…


He needs to get over it!

Into the Pot:
-1/4c coconut milk
-1/3c water
-1/4c oatmeal mixture
-1/2-1med frozen banana
– heaping TBSP raisins

Heat, stir, put into the bowl with a tbsp almond butter…


I have been so lazy lately. Well, just compared to normal. I’ve been taking a few extra rest days. I used to feel so guilty if I took extra days off. I’m trying to feel fine with being a little bit lazy; being a student can really suck the energy out of you, and sometimes somethings gotta give.

But I do have an exciting new sports event just around the corner…



This is the biggest intramural sport in North America. Basically it’s a super mini triathlon done relay style with every team member getting over the wall at the end. I missed out on this last year, so it’ll be my first time. I’m super excited!

The events are:
– 200m swim
– sprint run
-“long run” (like 1km)
-bike ride (like 5km)

I’ll either be biking or swimming, since I can do those decently and most people struggle with those events. Have I mentioned I’m EXCITED? So that’s this weekend, so I won’t be doing my scheduled long run, I’ll have to figure something out! Maybe do a shorter run at race pace…

Alright I’ve got some resumes to print out and distribute today, so I’m signing off.

What sort of interesting oatmeal combos have you all been trying lately?


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Sometimes Smaller is Better

LIke when you’re eating dessert. LOL, who am I kidding?

But when it comes to grocery stores I really love a small store.

groceries 001

Last year this was my main grocery stop. I hated taking the bus to safeway, and well, this wasn’t that much more expensive.

Then Save-On moved in and it’s closer then Safeway, cheaper, newer and prettier, and not much further, so I’ve been going there this school year. But I haven’t had time what with the Fiesta and then midterms and stuff.

So yesterday I hit ‘er up, because I had about an hour and didn’t feel like the trek to Save-On. Plus I’d discovered that Granville Island Produce at the Village, had this:

groceries 005

Extra Big Jar of my new Love Almond Butter (shhhhh don’t tell peanut butter). And since I eat almond (or peanut) butter everyday I wanted a bigger jar, and Save-On definitely didn’t have that.

And then yesterday I discovered they also have this:

groceries 004

YUMMY! This is my favourite “soy sauce”. And it’s low sodium too. I haven’t been able to find it forever! And it’s great on popcorn with nutritional yeast.

Anyway, I bought all these groceries:

groceries 003 It came to 41ish $. That’s not much more expensive really, and considering the almond butter was 11.99$, I mean there’s 12$ worth of it already…

And I enjoyed those veggies with some Bragg’s, Olive oil and balsamic vinegar, roasted for 18min… With a side of Mexican Rice leftover from out Fiesta!

groceries 007

yyyyuuuummmm. It was so good.

Also ate a mango. I have so much trouble peeling/cutting prepping these! Do any of you have some good tips/suggestions?

Alright I’m a gonna try n study. Can’t say it’ll happen.. but the effort will be put forth.


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Eyeballing It

Yesterday was a lot of fun in the afternoon.

My parents and I went to Home Outfitters so they could pick up a gift for my cousin, who is getting married on Canadian Thanksgiving.

Then because HO doesn’t seem to seel pots that are seperate, or you know under $50, we went to Ikea. yay! I got me some loot from there:IMG_2494

Pretty lamp.


A drainer (for pasta and for steaming veggies!). A veggie peeler, mainly because I want to try amazing salads like I’ve seen over at Choosing Raw. And pots! Our dorm is awesome enough to give us pots, but really, one pot between four people is just not enough! Ikea has a perfect set of three not-so-big-pots; great for the student.

Today was BUSY. I started the day by measuring out 2tbs of peanut almond butter then weighing it out to see if there was a difference… According to the jar, a serving of ab should be 2tbsp and weigh 30g mine weighed 42g!

Maybe the spoon was a little too full or something (though I made extra sure to level it off). But isn’t that interesting? It’s nearly a half a serving size difference!


The cultprit spoon.


See? Has anyone else tried this? Did they find a large difference as well?

I tried to find something to eyeball it too, as per Liz ‘s request, but couldn’t find anything very good. 😦 Maybe tomorrow. I’d also like to try weighing everything out tomorrow, since I have yet to do that.

Anyways I ate that 43g of almond butter on two pieces of the big 16 silver hills bread toasted just right. And I had some coffee to prepare myself for… the Grouse Grind. I know!

It was good. My time was roughly 1hour (I didn’t have a watch, and my parents fell behind, but I guesstimated based on what I was hearing for times around me).

At the top we had some lunch:


I only ate half that chocolate bar I swear!

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some errands, buying me groceries and my birthday present. 😀

But as I have a lot of work to do, and a 6am (gasp!) run tomorrow, I’ll have to tell you about my present tomorrow. Just let me say this: I am a VERY lucky/spoiled/happy girl, and clue #2: I hope to use it tomorrow morning. 😉


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Friday Baking


TGIF? Maybe, if I was working, or going to school. But alas, I am not, so friday is just another day for me. I started with my breakfast of choice these days:

coffee (with milk) wasa cracker with almond butter

coffee (with milk) wasa cracker with almond butter

Yep this was only part of the meal, don’t worry I’m not having just one cracker! I am eating a small breakfast, but I really don’t feel like eating a lot these days.







Yesterday I baked the BEST GRANOLA BARS EVER! I learned the recipe from a volunteer run café I worked at last year. Do you go to UBC? Check out agora sometime, really awesome cheap food and coffee, and all homemade right there.









And the final product:









Perfect fuel for a two night, three day hike! I’ve also made some banana bread, yummy, but the center fell in, so not extremely photogenic really…

I’ve been munching on an apple here while I post, and I have a busy day ahead of me. I have to look after a friend’s doggy, and go shopping with another friend. Then a group of us is heading out tonight for a night on the town! Yay dancing!

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