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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been so long!

I’ve been very gogogogo for the past week. And now I’m trying to fit in some studying on top of all that going! But hey, the Olympics are only here once right? 😀

Here, let me show you a bit of the Olympic Madness I’ve been participating in:

olympics 015

olympics 029

 olympics 030olympics 051

olympics 058 olympics 054

olympics 077

olympics 082  olympics 084

IMG_9537 IMG_9526 IMG_9558 IMG_9546

Whew! Had enough yet?

The weather has been PERFECT and sunny. It was impossible to stay in. I literally had days where I’d leave at 8am and wouldn’t get home till roughly 11:30pm (and only because I was SO EXHAUSTED I had to go home or pretty much die).

Well, I promise some more in depth posts when I get my energy back, but till then… Have a great day and to those of you enjoying the olympics…IMG_9551



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You guessed it!

Or rather, Annabel did!IMG_2520

Can you spot it there hiding behind my breakfast?

I first heard about garmin forerunners about a year ago, I remember seeing them mentioned several times on blogs, then at Christmas my dad and brother both received some. I remember thinking, man that would be so cool!

Since I had a birthday coming up I mentioned to my parents my dream of owning a garmin while they were here visitng for the weekend. Well, they said, since we’re in town we thought, we might as well just go to MEC and get you one now.

Needless to say I was quite excited.

And even more excited when we went, and they got me the newest in the Forerunner series: The Forerunner 310XT. I’ll admit it. I am a spoiled girl. But I do plan to use this thing all the time. 🙂
I took it on my group run this morning and, well I was impatient to let it really get started, once it did get going, it worked great!


I don’t have anything to compare it too, but it works well so far. I was also too tired (it was 6am! And still dark!) to put on the heart rate monitor, but I’ll be trying that tomorrow most likely. I will definitely do a post later on how well it’s working, a review if you will. Apparently it’s still pretty new to the market, so there isn’t a lot out there on it. Here’s what the guy at MEC explained is new:

– It is now waterproof this means it can be used in a pool (though probably not the heart rate monitor part). And it should be as glitchy when you sweat on it.

– It has 20hours of barttery life for training

– Is still wireless for transmitting data to your computer and Garmin Connect.

And I think that’s about it for new additions. The main reason I went for this one, is it fits my wrist way better than the garmin Forerunner 305 did. Being able to use it swimming as well as running and biking, is just the bonus ;).

So excited!

Onto other news…

This morning was the first real run for my residences Running Club which is run by… me. I have to admit this here. I am scared.

It went really well, but I did wake up an hour early worrying about if anyone would show up, after they all sent me e-mails saying they did. We ran together for about 2 miles, we had a large variance in running skill, and I’m not sure what to do. I question if the way it went today was done well. Or if there should be some changes. But I don’t even know what those changes would be.

I never think of myself as a natural leader. I am an introvert by nature, and used to be notoriously shy. Still this year I became president of my residences’ volunteer-run council and have found myself in a position of leadership at my residence. O.O

So I have several questions for you readers out there.

Would you be interested in reading about the changes that being put (volunteerily I’ll admit) into a leadership position has done to me? (this just came to me, I was originally just going to ask the question below, but well, this could be an interesting look into things.)

And, because I want your help. Can you give me some advice, ideas for running a Run Club, or things that you would like to learn about running, if someone would teach you?


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My New Toy

Look at this:


Am I weird in that I am super excited to be weighing out my food?

Yes. That’s right super excited.

Unfortunately, it’s only a loan, but if it works well, I might be making a purchase in a while. yesterday I weighed out my usual breakfast, and boy was I surprised that the amount of Peanut Butter  I’ve been eating has been WAY off 30grams! So much for eye balling it. I’d always like to see how much 2tbs of PB actually weighs.

My week has been very busy. As president of my residence’s council (Run through the RHA, and affiliated with PACURH and NACURH) I had elections to run tonight, to actually have myself a council. Fortunately my good friend and treasurer Joyce was there to help.

I also met up with fellow blogger and dietetic’s applicant Marianne from French Fries to Flax Seeds. It was so nice to meet you! And we definitely must go for coffee sometime, since I didn’t feel like we had enough time to chat at all.

On Friday (the day I was writing the above part of this post) I went with some friends of mine to get birthday buns.

What? you say?

What in the world are birthday buns?

Well these are birthday buns:

The funniest little pink buns, full of red bean goodness. They’re slightly sweet, soft and moist. The best part? You steam them to cook them. That’s right, no baking! So delicious.

Today I had a small breakfast on the run. I was out for longboat.


Longboating, looks like fun doesn’t it?

It’s one of the largest canoe races in North America. And it’s so much fun! University, student bonding, getting wet, shouting, paddling, what could be better?

I’m sorry this post was awhile in coming, but here it is. And now I’m off to continue on a couple more days of busyness.


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