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Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a good blog post, lots of homework, projects, assignments, conferences, and fundraising efforts have ruled my life recently.

So I don’t have pictures really, and I’m sort of feeling lazy so I thought I’d do this meme that’s going around the blogosphere, that I find entertaining, especially since I don’t really share a lot about myself…

Age: 23 (my fav number, since it’s my birthday number 🙂 )

Bed size: double. In rez you normally have a single bed, but us RAs are special and get a double bed. It is also the most comfortable rez bed ever (actually just comfortable in general. My mom stayed for a weekend a couple weeks ago and actually mentioned how comfy my bed is).

Chore I hate: laundry. a) I have to go down twelve flights of stairs to do laundry. b) A wash costs $1.20, the dryer is$.60/30min, and you always need to dry twice. and c) folding laundry is a b****.

Dogs: I have had dogs my whole life: Misty (a white 3-legged terrier), Professor (beautiful husky), Corkey (a britney spaniel, and an escape artist), Fawn (a HUGE German Sheppard/malmut cross – she also had one brown eye and one blue eye). Sadly they have all passed away (don’t worry, they all lived to be old dogs!) Also I’m a cat person to be honest, and my cat (Cactus) is back home and I miss her dearly.




Essential Start to my day: Coffee + Food. Also opening my blinds and staring out my window at my view…

Favourite colour: tough one! I love so many colours; it has to be the right shade. Probably blue, pink, and green, oh and purple!

Gold or Silver: hmm. I have a beautiful gold necklace, and a beautiful silver necklace. Can this be a tie?

Height: between 5’5” and 5’6” (I say 5’5&3/4”)

Instruments: I played piano for 12 years, and flute for 6 years. I want to learn guitar too.

Job Title: Professional Student. 😀 6 years of University makes me a professional right?

Kids: nope. Not for a long long time.

Live: Vancouer BC, though I’ll be back in Kamloops in the fall for an internship!!!

Mom’s Name: Trish

Nicknames: I never had nicknames until I moved to Vancouver. My nicknames then consisted of: Bron, leBron, Bronze, Bronx. Those are allowed. Do not call me Bronnie or Wynnie, or anything like that… I might just punch you.

Overnight Hospital Stays: none in recent memory. Apparently I was flown to BC children’s when I was a baby because I had a hole in my heart (clearly I do not remember my proper physio terms for this) I’m supposing that included an overnight stay.

Pet Peeve: Um, are we supposed to have just one? Ignorance + arrogance probably really get my goat.

Quote from a movie: I’m leaving this blank, I’m horrible with movie quotes.

Righty or lefty: righty

Siblings:  Younger brother.

Time you wake up: I honestly am always awake before 9, and usually before 8 on a normal day. getting out of bed might take an extra hour though…

Underwear: hahaha, who wrote this thing??? a lot of it is from La Senza, and some from department stores.

Vegetables you don’t like: celery. While most vegetables have grown to earn themselves a sport in my heart I loath celery. blech.

What makes you run late: the internet. And living on campus. You’d think that help, but I swear I’d be more on time if I had to catch a bus to get here…

Yummy food you make: Would it be vain of me to say anything I bake? As long as it has a recipe!

Zoo Animal: Hmmm, a zoo animal I like. I haven’t been to a zoo for awhile, but when I went to the aquarium last year I could have stared at the otters all day! SO CUTE!

Phew, that’s long. Now you know weird and random facts about me. What about you? Pick a letter and share!


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And the Award Goes to….

So I have to thank Liz for naming me for this:


It seems everyone has to share 7 things about themselves, that you lovely readers do not know.

1. I love cats. Yep. I’m a total cat person. My cat lives at home with my parents, and I miss her tons. I miss having pets in general. I can’t wait to move into a place where I can have a cat and a dog.

2. I have curly red hair. And it’s all natural. 😉

3. My birthday is in the fall. It’s coming up actually. Due to the date of my birthday I’m usually a scorpio but every once in a while a libra. My birthday is literally the day that changes.

4. I’ve been reading blogs for almost 3 years lurking around. I finally decided I needed to participate in the blogging world.

5. I’m questionning my career path again. I’ve only ever wanted to be three different things: an artist (till I was 12) then an author (of fiction) and then a dietitian. But last year I didn’t get into dietetics. I plan to apply again… but the girls who I’ve seen who were accepted are just… I feel like I don’t fit with their cookie-cutter-mold.

6. I have to do some sort of exercise every day. I’m serious I often exercise for an hour 7 times a week. It used to be guilt motivated, but mostly it’s just becaue I love moving, and when I don’t, I don’t feel right. It’s also me time, I find it’s destressing, relaxing, and just gives me a good feeling. 🙂

7. I used to be “fat” or think I was. (Sort of leads from the above). I lost 25ish pounds since January ’07. And kept it off, sans weighing, or starving, as I used to try to do. This might be why the idea of www.operationbeautiful.com  is dear to my heart, I want girls everywhere to stop “feeling fat”.

Sorry about the last ones getting so personal, but that’s the way it goes. I couldn’t think about what else to say. Maybe I should write a more thorough about me page. 😀

Who will I pass this award on to?
1. Lizzy

2. Morgan

3. Jocelyn

I think most of the other blogs I follow have received this, but anyway, there you go!


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