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Where have I been?

I have this habit of disappearing over the summer. It happened last year, it happened this year. Maybe it will happen again, who knows?

But I have to say, I was busy this summer, really busy. I took some courses, one that was full time (actually 8 to 4, five days a week). Then I went on a trip. Yes, well trip might be an understatement.

I spent six weeks in the gorgeous country of Kenya, teaching kids about HIV & AIDS:


It was crazy, it was intense. It brought up so many emotions, I don’t think I could describe them all. In some ways I still cannot describe what I’m feeling. Mostly good, mostly. How can it not be, when I was out teaching kids as cute as these:


It was a crazy trip, and I of course did a lot of traveling afterwards too. Saw some of these:


A few of these:


Some of these:


And about a gazillion of these:


And of course zebras, antelope, fancy birds, waterbufalo, but you know there’s only so much room for photos.

I don’t have a lot of time this evening for a long post, but I thought an update would be good, and I’ll try and keep blogging as I get started with my dietetic internship.


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Fit ‘n’ Fuel

This has been quite the week for me; back to school, two personal bests for two different training runs, and a couple other things I’m rather proud of that have happened. 🙂 Let’s start with some fitness shall we?


So this has been my week:

Sunday: 15k (just over 9miles) (1hour22min)
Monday:  5k @ easy 6min/k pace
Tuesday: strength (arms/weights) and 1600m swim
Wednesday: 5k @ 5min/k (25min!!! That’s fast for me, but it felt fine)
Thursday: strength/cardio interval “circuit” training
(I love thursdays at the gym, b/c I go at noon and couple really bad weight loss reality shows Last 10 pounds bootcamp and X-weighted are on, totally keeps me there long)
Friday: 6k at 5:30ish pace (really tough my legs were tired from Thursday!)

Saturday: off
Sunday: 16-17k run

At least that’s the plan, we’ll see how it goes. 🙂


IMG_9628 (avocado, hummus + s & p on silverhills bread…hmmmm)

Something I would really like to work on is fueling myself properly. That might sound weird coming from a Food, Nutrition, Health student (and potential dietetics student?) but I definitely haven’t been the epitome of health all the time. This week has been fairly good, up until yesterday, when I definitely indulged my chocolate monster. (blizzards AND mini eggs anyone?)

But mostly I’ve been eating well. Relatively speaking, my eating is good. It’s better then it has been in the past, I’m not trying to diet at all, I just really want to read up on fueling my body to have the best times ever!


Here’s something I’m oddly proud (and sort of shy about too…) of:

Go there, then go to pages 4-5. 😀 I am Student Health 101 Campus Correspondent for UBC. it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before, but I’m totally enjoying it I have to say. And I hope it keeps going.

Well that’s about it for now. I want to go out and get me some running shoes, so I can break them in before the half-marathon.

So I will see you soon!


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How to throw a Fiesta!

Hello All!

What a weekend! It all started Friday…

When my friend and I went to pick up some decorations… rits fiesta 004

And Draw Prizes…

rits fiesta 005

Then I had a night of planning, where in I had to calculate food for 80ish people!

rits fiesta 010
Look at that grocery list ^! Isn’t it nuts?! 8kg of ground beef?! lol. Money from ticket sales for the grocery shopping.

Get up ridiculously early on Saturday to go pick up said groceries. 😛 9am we headed out to Costco and Superstore.

Come back for a “rest” where in some more questions/problems and other such rest disturbing occurrences occurred.

Then got decorating!

rits fiesta 016

And cooking!

rits fiesta 012

Look at this fridge!

rits fiesta 011
(not all of this is our food though, like those stale pita bits…)

rits fiesta 020

Yes the vegetarian had to cook some meat. Ew! It was so beefy-juice. Ick.

rits fiesta 049

The buffet!

I totally got busy and didn’t take photos of the end products! 😦 Oh well. Here’s what was on the Fiesta Menu:

  • Tortilla chips
  • Salsa, gaucamole, hummus, and 7-layer dip.
  • Cut up veggies
  • Build your own Burrito:
    • beef, or refried beans (both made from scratch!)
    • lettuce
    • tomatoes
    • cheese
    • sour cream
  • Mexican-style Rice
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • Pop
  • Virgin Margaritas

This was the most successful event I’ve been a part of. We had 80 people total, and Rits is a small dorm (only roughly 200-300 people), so that’s a huge number of people.

I had been stressing big time about getting enough food, especially since it was so many more  people then we’d anticipated. But it all worked out. We had extras of the rice, and toppings really. Oh and Ice cream, but that we can just use for another rits event! So it all worked out in the end.

And of course there was a wee after party. 😉

I’m definitely having trouble getting anything done today though. :p Oh well. I’ll try and get some things done today, so they’re just out of the way for later this week I think. In other words, do the stuff that only needs half my mind.

Till later this week all!


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Too tired to study

Hello lovies! How is the life in the blog world?

I am so busy with studying!


But I did have a rather sweet break today:



IMG_3072 +

Oodles of decorations, from jelly beans (blah) to chocolate, to M&Ms, to smarties, to reece’s pieces. Yum. yum. The above are just some quick shots I took to give you guys a wee peek, really it was all set up nice, and yeah. It was a residence event.

Speaking of residence, my “boss” told me I should be an RA (residence advisor) next year. There was a time when I totally would have said, nah-ah, no way. But now… I dunno, maybe? I think I might actually be good at it. It’s something to think about for next year anyway.

Exercisewise I’ve been a lazy butt. I am still not feeling 100%, not even 75% really, so I’m taking it easy. I did get out on my bike today to grab some groceries. Felt really good.

Foodwise, been pretty dull. Though my soup yesterday was delicious:


Into the pot:
-bit of chopped onion
-olive oil
– water
-frozen veggies
First I sautéed up the garlic and onion in the oil, then added in the broth and water, bringing it to a boil before dumping in the rice noodles. Then I added in some frozen veggies for kicks. On top is a little bit of red chili, just for kicks. 😉

I sat just outside my dorm in a warm sunny patch and ate my soup. It was hot and spicy and the sun was warm and cozy. It was the perfect study break.

Well I’m off to study sleep. I don’t think I’d absorb anything if I did study. I’d rather go to sleep now, wake up early and get more done tomorrow.

Ack, just realized only two + 1/2 days till my first exam.

Scary. I’m gonna have nightmares.


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Sometimes I like to get ahead of myself and be ready for later on:


A beet x 3.

Some toppings":

Tossed, stirred, onto a baking sheet, into the oven for 35ish minutes.

A little crispy maybe, but ready for a salad or for heating up and eating! Or just munching straight from the container. 😉

My weekend has been good, haven’t done much homework, but that’s what Sundays are for! I had a volunteer session yesterday, cooking for families at a neighborhood house. We made a curry squash soup, and a delicious salad. Plus there was some super good bread.

I also went to a little social held in Res this morning staring oatmeals and smoothies! So blog appropriate, but I forgot my camera at home! 😦 Oh well, next time!


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Tea Ceremonies and More

Hello everyone!

Sorry to be MIA for the past couple days. I have been sooooo busy. Finished up my biochem midterm on thursday morning, then the classes finished up as well…. Then I had Rits Open House. This is a big event for my residence, because it was built for an exchange between UBC and Ritsumeiken Univeristy in Japan. This event is an opportunaty for the Japanese students to showcase their cutlure; from food, to calligraphy, to SolanBushi (a way cool traditional fisherman’s dance…). It’s pretty cool we usually get a whole bunch of people stopping by from all over campus.

But as this is a food blog let me show you, rather than tell you about it…

Rice Balls for all:IMG_2758

Miso Soup:

Yummy: (this had sushi rice, nori, and salmon in it. I am a vegetarian, and the main reason I don’t eat seafood is just not really enjoying the taste.)

Tea Ceremony: IMG_2777



The Tea ceremony was pretty cool. It’s neat to see the ceremonies different cultures have around food. We were served a little sweet treat, then they went through the steps of making the matcha green tea for us. Really neat. I can’t say I know in what contexts they’d have a ceremony (is it every time they have tea or just on special occasions??) but it’s really sweet and cute.

Last night (on my Birthday! can you believe I’m 22? I can’t!) I went to a friend’s party (really long story, but I honestly didn’t have the energy to plan anything big for my bday, I’ll be celebrating next week with a bowling party 😀 ) and it was at a Greek restaurant called The Main. It was decent, nothing exceptional though. It was a cheap night for me; they forgot to put my wine on my bill and they didn’t charge us for dessert since it took them a fricking long time to get it.

Alright, I’m off to do some much needed activities (shopping!) with some friends, I also have a Halloween event tonight!

Happy weekend to you all!


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You guessed it!

Or rather, Annabel did!IMG_2520

Can you spot it there hiding behind my breakfast?

I first heard about garmin forerunners about a year ago, I remember seeing them mentioned several times on blogs, then at Christmas my dad and brother both received some. I remember thinking, man that would be so cool!

Since I had a birthday coming up I mentioned to my parents my dream of owning a garmin while they were here visitng for the weekend. Well, they said, since we’re in town we thought, we might as well just go to MEC and get you one now.

Needless to say I was quite excited.

And even more excited when we went, and they got me the newest in the Forerunner series: The Forerunner 310XT. I’ll admit it. I am a spoiled girl. But I do plan to use this thing all the time. 🙂
I took it on my group run this morning and, well I was impatient to let it really get started, once it did get going, it worked great!


I don’t have anything to compare it too, but it works well so far. I was also too tired (it was 6am! And still dark!) to put on the heart rate monitor, but I’ll be trying that tomorrow most likely. I will definitely do a post later on how well it’s working, a review if you will. Apparently it’s still pretty new to the market, so there isn’t a lot out there on it. Here’s what the guy at MEC explained is new:

– It is now waterproof this means it can be used in a pool (though probably not the heart rate monitor part). And it should be as glitchy when you sweat on it.

– It has 20hours of barttery life for training

– Is still wireless for transmitting data to your computer and Garmin Connect.

And I think that’s about it for new additions. The main reason I went for this one, is it fits my wrist way better than the garmin Forerunner 305 did. Being able to use it swimming as well as running and biking, is just the bonus ;).

So excited!

Onto other news…

This morning was the first real run for my residences Running Club which is run by… me. I have to admit this here. I am scared.

It went really well, but I did wake up an hour early worrying about if anyone would show up, after they all sent me e-mails saying they did. We ran together for about 2 miles, we had a large variance in running skill, and I’m not sure what to do. I question if the way it went today was done well. Or if there should be some changes. But I don’t even know what those changes would be.

I never think of myself as a natural leader. I am an introvert by nature, and used to be notoriously shy. Still this year I became president of my residences’ volunteer-run council and have found myself in a position of leadership at my residence. O.O

So I have several questions for you readers out there.

Would you be interested in reading about the changes that being put (volunteerily I’ll admit) into a leadership position has done to me? (this just came to me, I was originally just going to ask the question below, but well, this could be an interesting look into things.)

And, because I want your help. Can you give me some advice, ideas for running a Run Club, or things that you would like to learn about running, if someone would teach you?


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