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Rest & Recovery

Well what a weekend. Definitely one for the unhealthy records.

After my computer got a virus, I got a virus. Not fun. I had a fever and headache all Saturday and Sunday. Though it was getting better on Sunday and since then I have improved a lot. Though I’m still pretty tired, I know I’ll be back in fighting form by the end of this week. Oddly enough in some ways I think this is exactly what I needed. My body was telling me to shut down for a while and just chill out. So that’s my goal this week. To just… chill and catch up. I’m not really going to exercise, maybe by thursday or friday, but for now, I’m taking it easy, doing homework and watching absurd amounts of TV.

One bummer about my computer being out of commision is the fact that I was doing so well on the food picture taking! All the way from Tues last week till Saturday and then starting up again today I was taking food pictures left and right.

Let me share my week with you in food pics:



012 013
015 016



028 029

That’s pretty much it of my pics that are worth showing!

Too much for you? Too late!

Well I’m pretty much EXHAUSTED. I just finished running an event with my Residence. A Musical Cafe wherein I enjoyed a lot of great music and far too many Timbits. 😛

I’m off to la la land.




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Oh Shoot

My week-middle-end turned out to be a little bit of a bummer in computerland. Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of updates in the past couple days?

My computer is currently in the shop, besote by an evil spamming virus. I might not have ‘er back until Monday! Oh the tragedy! The terror! The lack of procrastination tools I now have. 😦

I promise I’m diligently taking food pics and continuing to read some blogs, but I haven’t been posting anywhere. too sad.

Here’s hoping I’ll surprise you all with an update tomorrow!


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Wellness Day

Before leaving for the fair I had some lunch:


Cheese, tempeh burger, carrots, red peppers.

Look at my loot from the wellness fair:


I got my blood pressure done: 100/70 (low normal, good apparently!), I got my posture checked; all good, except my right hip is far higher then my left, and apparently I put about 10lbs on my right hip as apposed to my left hip! I sometimes get lower back pain, and this might be the cause! I’m really curious to go to the chiropractor actually and see what can be done/figured out… I also got my body fat measured, which included a weigh in. 😀 Lower then last week even with food and being later in the day. There were some other cool things like info on cancer, mental health, UBC farm, and so much more. I also picked up this delightful snack while at the sub:


Vegan brownie from Sprouts. And some earl grey tea (only because I wanted one of those cups. 🙂 ).

I went to the gym with my friend Joyce. The residence beside ours has a beautiful free gym with all new equipment! We did:

  • 35min on stationary bike
  • Abs, the following twice through:
    • 20 crunchs
    • 10/side bicycle
    • 10 leg lifts
    • 20 supermans

Then I had supper:


(man I ate a lot of cheese today.)

And dessert:


Inspire tea tetley herbal tea. And a chocolate chip shot.  😉

Alright, well I’m off to watch TV study. 😉


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Something New

Well November is upon us. A new month, some new foods? yes? We all like trying new things don’t we.

I’m not eating so much new foods as it just feels like I’m eating differently. For instance, on Tues/Thurs I used to bring a peanut butter or almond butter sandwich to my first class.

Well on Tuesday I was thinking to myself, you know I really just don’t feel like a sandwich today. And I don’t have time for oatmeal. So this is what happened


hmmmm coffee and cereal. Oaty Bites to be specific. I’d honestly forgotten how much I loved cereal. I used to eat cereal every day for breakfast. Being the picky eater that I was I also has a cereal du jour:

  • Sugar Crisps
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Frosted Flakes (They’re great!)
  • Whole Grain Cheerios (or is it multigrain?)
  • Bran Flakes (er my uber health phase, but I did indeed like them)
  • No cereal. 😦

I feel like it’s been awhile since I really enjoyed cereal, and well here I am again! Oatmeal ( there was a time when I vowed I’d never eat the stuff. My parents ate it every day since I can remember, I never liked it.) and cereal seem to be new staples along with my usual peanut buttah.

Speaking of which…


Hmmm. Cereal doesn’t fill me as much. I was ravenous by 10:30am today. Came home (my last class of the day was cancelled, yay!) and had a delicious snack of pb and a gala apple.

Well I really should end this procrastination session and use my extra time wisely, shouldn’t I? UBC is having a Wellness Fair and my residence is making a trip there in a few hours. I definitely think I’ll go along. Or maybe I’ll just go earlier… I’m in the mood for a Starbucks something (the Christmas Cups are out!) and maybe a Sprouts vegan brownie (had one yesterday, drool).

Hopefully UBC Thrive is interesting, I’ll tell you all about it later!

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When Your View Out your window looks like this:

You need a little…

So warm and delicious:
1/2 cup milk,
packet of sugar
Some Tetley Cinnamon Spice tea (seriously, I’m loving these herbal teas, I’m slowly building a collection of them…)

This was joined by one of these fresh baked goodies:

IMG_2839Graham Flour (I used whole wheat as I don’t have money for special flours) Fig Scones from
My Sweet Vegan. Sorry recipe not online!

Smeared with delicious melty pb.


Look at it dripping there. hmmmmm heavenly.

I went for a 4.28k run today with my friend Joyce. In the crazy pouring rain.

Since today is the 29th(! Where did October go?) I decided I would add up my running mileage for October. I might squeeze in one more run, but ohwell.

The grand total is…. 59.33miles. Or 94.9 kilometers. I personally like the kilometers, looks so much further doesn’t it? I can’t imagine what my total will be when I really get training for my half marathon! Still that’s awesome. Maybe I’ll do one more 5 k, just so I’m at 100!

Alright, well I’m off I have a Meet the Dietitians info session tonight. I’m hoping to see blogging buddy Marianne of French Fries to Flax Seeds there. Have a good night everyone!

What are your plans for Halloween Weekend?


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What to write, what to write…

Today I’m at a loss of what to write about. I forgot to take any pictures of food today, so sadly I can’t write about what I’ve eaten today! Or I could just describe it, but that’s no where near as fun!

I went to a farm today, we were supposed to do some Community Service Learning (where-in you do community service, and learn at the same time!), but it really felt more like we were learning and not being helpful. We went to a few fields to see how much cover crops (the grass grown by farmers during winter when there are no crops to grow) have been eaten by the migratory birds that come to roost here in Vancouver. I’m working in a class group and we’re working with the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust. It’s a group meant to help farmers and help wildlife at the same time! gasp! It’s really cool actually, I’m enjoying the work.

Here are some photos of my eats this weekend:
These were seriously so good. They’re Rice Cakes. Basically think of a sweet dumpling dough, covering a soft strawberry mouse on top of a little cookie crust, and a single gewy strawberry in the center. OMG so good. Sooooo soft and sweet.

Had to have something pumpkiny this weekend, yes? 😉

And this, to just totally embarrass myself:

Yes it’s me, in my halloween costume. Old School athlete! oh yeah.


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Tea Ceremonies and More

Hello everyone!

Sorry to be MIA for the past couple days. I have been sooooo busy. Finished up my biochem midterm on thursday morning, then the classes finished up as well…. Then I had Rits Open House. This is a big event for my residence, because it was built for an exchange between UBC and Ritsumeiken Univeristy in Japan. This event is an opportunaty for the Japanese students to showcase their cutlure; from food, to calligraphy, to SolanBushi (a way cool traditional fisherman’s dance…). It’s pretty cool we usually get a whole bunch of people stopping by from all over campus.

But as this is a food blog let me show you, rather than tell you about it…

Rice Balls for all:IMG_2758

Miso Soup:

Yummy: (this had sushi rice, nori, and salmon in it. I am a vegetarian, and the main reason I don’t eat seafood is just not really enjoying the taste.)

Tea Ceremony: IMG_2777



The Tea ceremony was pretty cool. It’s neat to see the ceremonies different cultures have around food. We were served a little sweet treat, then they went through the steps of making the matcha green tea for us. Really neat. I can’t say I know in what contexts they’d have a ceremony (is it every time they have tea or just on special occasions??) but it’s really sweet and cute.

Last night (on my Birthday! can you believe I’m 22? I can’t!) I went to a friend’s party (really long story, but I honestly didn’t have the energy to plan anything big for my bday, I’ll be celebrating next week with a bowling party 😀 ) and it was at a Greek restaurant called The Main. It was decent, nothing exceptional though. It was a cheap night for me; they forgot to put my wine on my bill and they didn’t charge us for dessert since it took them a fricking long time to get it.

Alright, I’m off to do some much needed activities (shopping!) with some friends, I also have a Halloween event tonight!

Happy weekend to you all!


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