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Where you can find me

Well, the time has come for me to move on. This blog was a good starting place, but I feel I’ve grown out of it. So I’m taking a leap, and starting a new blog. Come find me at

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Day in the Life: Trip to the Production Site

Last week one of my favourite bloggers, Amber, did a Day In the life post. Apparently, they’ve been happening all over the web. How have I missed this? This is one of things that got me in to blogs; back in the day when a lot of bloggers posted 2-3 times a day (usually their meals, a la Kath Eats Real Food, but posted lots of other stuff too).

6 am jump up in surprise; alarm actually woke me from a sound sleep.

6: 01 am brush teeth, do make up, etc, make self presentable.

6:10 try to stuff everything in my bag (over packed for trip as usual) break zipper because pajama pant string is stuck in zipper like so

6:12 attempt to take photo of said zipper. Find out camera has died, did not bring charger. Kick myself. Take phone photo instead:

dayinthelife 221 

6:15 am Brew coffee, gather delicious baked good provided by Kathy, owner of Richmond House B&B, where I am staying.

6:20 am Devour this spread (I know 2 whole muffins! I was just super hungry, and they were so good) while reading blogs:


dayinthelife 222

6:45, out the door, only 5 minutes late for once! And only 2 windows need scraping, so I’m not late for work.

7:00 am arrive at work, drop off bag and stuff in office, get ready to make some major Beef Stroganoff. Start by gathering ingredients… 70 KG of beef…

8:00 am beef is “tenderizing” for an hour. 70 kg of beef, some “gravy" and water simmer for an hour. Place 10 loaves of bread on cookie sheets, to be dried out for bread crumbs

8:15 check in with preceptor. Go over yesterday’s work (recipe expansion, costing…), all is well.

9:00 am meat still tenderizing, go and talk to preceptor. Time to enter the freezers.

9:15 am, barely paying attention to ordering we’re doing, it’s so cold in here!

9:30 am meat is ready for onions and mushrooms to be added, and then meat must tenderize further. In go 30 lbs of mushrooms, and 30 lbs of onions. I have splattered myself with lots of beef juice, and smell of cooked meat. ew.

10:00 am help other production cooks with other food that must be made; am helping to stuff Chicken Vegetable Pies, flattening down the inside before crust placed on top.

10:45 am, My wrist actually hurts from pressing down on chicken vegetable filling. Wow, can’t believe people do this 5 days a week, every week. No wonder injuries happen, and proper ergonomics are important.

10:50 am, beef is good to add in Permastarch, a starch to help thicken sauce that will survive high heat, and freezing cold. After adding and stirring, we must allow to cool for 20 minutes before adding sour cream.

11:00 am take a break. Have apple, drink coffee, browse Twitter.

11:20 am come back to find cooks adding in sour cream. Help.

11:50 am begin scooping Beef Stroganoff into pans, 2.5 kg per pan. Apparently will serve 12 portions per pan, who knew?

12:10 pm Beef Stroganoff into freezer, roughly 42 pans made. Told to go on lunch, I think my preceptor has nothing else to tell me.

12:11 pm remove beef stroganoff covered Scrubs shirt. Don’t have an extra pair of pants to change into, so they stay on.

12:35 pm Take temperature. Scribble in my notebook.

1:00 pm Take temperature again.

1:15 pm take temperature one final time. Preceptor says I’m free to go. yay!

1:20 pm start driving back, with a pit stop at Safeway to change into less smelly pants, and pick up some supplies:

dayinthelife 225

(chocolate covered almonds and gum)

3:15 pm arrive home in Kamloops, say hello to Sadie, play on computer, check emails, debate about going swimming, decide to take Sadie for a walk instead.

granola.bars 001

(I like to think she was grateful)

5:45 take a shower, begin on dinner (quinoa, steamed carrots, stir fried kale and leeks in tahini and soy sauce).

6:30 brother calls, and needs a ride home because he missed a bus by two minutes… next bus not for another hour.

7:00 home and eating.

7:15 watch last nights NCIS, which mom has PVRd.

8:20 watch some cupcake wars, try and make myself get up and write this blog post, but Sadie is on my lap and looks so comfortable!

8:55 finally get up and get writing.

As you can see it wasn’t the most productive of days. I often times am doing 2-3 hours of work after a 6 to 8 hour day of work. Today I slacked off, and will pay for it over the next couple days, since I’m planning on heading to Vancouver this weekend for a much needed trip to see my friends.

Alright, I’m off to do some printing and room cleaning. I was reminded by some of the comments on Morgan’s post on controlling stress how much better I feel if I clean up my room before going to sleep.


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2011 – Here we go

Well I’m feeling quite disorganized these days. Why? it’s hard to pin point a cause, but for some reason the start to 2011 isn’t feeling up to snuff. I’m delaying getting started on important things like school like blogging. :p Clearly I didn’t blog over the break.


Because I did absolutely NOTHING over the break. And I mean NOTHING. I baked ONCE. Seriously. I tried making nut butters a la Edible Prospective, but alas they didn’t really turn out. I spent too many hours in front of the TV eating too much chocolate.

And you know what?

I enjoyed every minute of it. Sure all my pants are SUPER tight right now, but that won’t last forever, will it? I hope not anyway. :p

Sadly I don’t have pictures for this post yet, but I am going to share some of my New Years Resolutions with you all.

1. Figure My Life out

And by this I mean start volunteering with dietitians who have jobs that interest me. I sort of know what interests me, but I have no idea how to take the first steps of getting there. It’s weird but no one tells you that after you graduate the perfect job doesn’t just FALL into your lap, go figure. So I need to see a plan, a line, a vision of how to get to where I want to be (and figure out where that is.)

2. Eat less sugar

Last year was the year of sugar for me. I think it’s totally cool to have something sweet once a day (like a slice of cake, ice cream, or a chocolate bar) but I have been on sugar overload honestly since April 2009. My goal is just to start getting back into eating whole foods. And because of the holiday chocolate/sugar/fat/junk food fest, sugar is the least of my cravings.

3. Post more healthy recipes

This is a blog specific one, and it ties in nicely with the above doesn’t it? Obviously if I’m trying to bake less, I’ll have to try and post some yummy healthy recipes. And don’t worry I’ve already got some up my sleeve! 😀 You’ll see it’ll be good.

4. Save money

There’s two reasons for this. I’d like to do some traveling if I have a gap year before my internship. And I need some money for said internship (unpaid, can you believe it?). So I’d like to really try and save money, by spending less in the school year and maybe picking up some part time work and by getting a decent job in the summer.

That seems like enough for now, doesn’t it? A post without pictures gets boring fast (at least I think so) so I’ll leave it there. I have some other more personal goals, but not everything needs to go on the blog does it?

Happy New Year (belated) to all and looking forward to a fun blogging year in 2011.


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I’ve been away a while, and that’s an understatement.


Last time I wrote it was spring, the time for lemon yellow, fruit and sweet things that cooled the heat from outside weather.

Since then I’ve moved, I’ve changed living areas and classes, I’ve made new friends and said bye to others. The weather isn’t so warm any more, in fact it’s pretty rainy most of the time. And if it’s not damp and rainy it’s clear blue skies that bring in a chill that leaves you reaching for a warm mug of hot cocoa.


I’ve still been active. and I’ve still been baking. My latest foray led me to OhSheGlows recent recipe for Power Me Up Pumpkin Cookies. Can I just say?



One of those cookies you would never guess were (cough) healthy (cough) or (cough) vegan (cough). I don’t mind, those words don’t hold prejudice to me, but rather curiosity: there’s beans in them cookies? You’re kidding. Shhhh, you didn’t hear nothing. Either way these seed covered cookies are simple, delicious, not too sweet, and full of goodness worth diving into (and the time and mess to make).

So, now that I’m back, what can I promise? Well I’d like to give you posts on a weekly basis, that I can promise. I started this blog before as a bit of an enterprise, but now I guess I want it to be a place of expression, somewhere I can get some ideas, pictures, writing, another part of myself out there. Hang in there, and we’ll see what happens.


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Do I accept?

Hello Everyone,

I’m really sorry for this unintentional hiatus. I figure I can call it that since it has been about 2 weeks since I wrote. I just haven’t felt up to the task of writing.

See I’ve been job hunting, and the hunting continues. I know this sounds incredibly obnoxious, but I swear I’ve never had trouble finding a job before. I’ve honestly always known exactly what I wanted to do for the summer and so I’ve always been really driven to get a specific job. And usually this resulted in success (through a little bit of luck I have to say).

But this year it’s been a lot tougher. I live in a student-filled neighbourhood, and people don’t want to hire students anymore! It’s sort of crazy. I had an interview that didn’t go so well… So here I am still jobless and floundering.

There are some positives in my life though, let me tell you about those!

I’ve started doing Bikram’s Yoga. This is a form of hot yoga. Let’s just say I’m addicted… It’s an hour and a half of 26 specific posses done in a hot sweaty room. Yeah it sounds kind of gross, but seriously, loving it.

I just found out I’ve been accepted to the dietetics program at UBC. Yes!!! So now my next few years are pretty clear action wise, which is totally exciting. (this is what my title is about, :P)

At the moment those are the main two positives in my life. I’m feeling more uplifted about getting work soon, so that should be good. But we will see.

And right now I’m off to get some stuff handed out (aka resumes) and maybe do some interview practicing.

I can’t say how well I’ll keep blogging in the next couple weeks. Honestly, I really love blogging and reading blogs, but I want my blog to be something, and I’m not sure what yet. I don’t know if I’ve found my “blogger voice” yet. I’m hoping I do soon anyway.

But I’ll keep reading your blogs!

Cheers for now.

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2009- Reflections

I can’t believe this year is coming to an end! It’s crazy.

I usually take some time to just reflect on what I’ve done this year (ok, this isn’t just regulated to the end of a year for me, but this time of year it’s just more prominent in my thoughts.).

This year has been crazy for me. And if you add in fall 2008 (sometimes I think in terms of “school years”) it’s been super crazy. But let’s just stick with 2009…

What have I done in 2009?

  • I was a floor rep for my Council, and then ran and won (due to lack of IMG_1947opposition) for president.
  • Went to Arizona for a leadership conference as a result (seriously, so cool…).
  • Applied to dietetics, and was rejected (sadly) but they fortunately give second chances.
  • Challenged myself and went tree planting for a second time. Learned my limits, physically and mentally weren’t as good as they were my first year planting.
  • Started my presidency at my residence in UBC. This has already taught me so much.
  • Got sick at least three times this year. Not necissarily something I’ve “done” but relevant to health and balance I think. I even had food poisoning for the first (and last hopefully) time.
  • Tried out for a musical. Oh man, was this crazy/fun/insane. It was just a little too far out of my comfort zone. The main problem was people just interested in a, say, chorus roll, had to try out with the people interested in leading rolls. Nerve racking.

There’s been more too, in terms of emotional and social journeys that might be hard to understand for a lot of people. I used to be a shy quiet girl who would watch life from the sidelines, and 2009 has definitely been a year of stopping the wallflower behaviour and really participating in life.

What did I learn as a result?

  • I’m so much stronger than I give myself credit for. This is in terms of emotions, and as a leader. I never knew I could make choices and boss people around the way I do.
  • If I put my mind to it, I can pretty much do anything. I won’t be the best,  but at least I tried right?
  • In the same vein, I’m beginning to learn my boundaries, the line I draw between being too comfortable, and going too far into the wilds of world. If that makes sense. I used to stick so close to comfort zones, now I’m exploring how far I can go.


Man this year has been crazy! For me anyway, add in all the little things you never think about every day, and really it’s been quite the year.

I’ll see you all in 2010, with some of my goals/resolutions for 2010!

Happy New Years!


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Looks like later turned into a couple days, didn’t it?

Guess I got busy. Or rather lazy. Well sort of, my mind is tired, and that makes everything else just a chore to do. I did however clean up, as per my plans.

Just to prove it to you:




Ahhh. neat. 🙂

Well I’m off to bed me thinks. I was going to do some yoga… But I’m SOOO tired, that sleep is sounding really good right now.

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Rest & Recovery

Well what a weekend. Definitely one for the unhealthy records.

After my computer got a virus, I got a virus. Not fun. I had a fever and headache all Saturday and Sunday. Though it was getting better on Sunday and since then I have improved a lot. Though I’m still pretty tired, I know I’ll be back in fighting form by the end of this week. Oddly enough in some ways I think this is exactly what I needed. My body was telling me to shut down for a while and just chill out. So that’s my goal this week. To just… chill and catch up. I’m not really going to exercise, maybe by thursday or friday, but for now, I’m taking it easy, doing homework and watching absurd amounts of TV.

One bummer about my computer being out of commision is the fact that I was doing so well on the food picture taking! All the way from Tues last week till Saturday and then starting up again today I was taking food pictures left and right.

Let me share my week with you in food pics:



012 013
015 016



028 029

That’s pretty much it of my pics that are worth showing!

Too much for you? Too late!

Well I’m pretty much EXHAUSTED. I just finished running an event with my Residence. A Musical Cafe wherein I enjoyed a lot of great music and far too many Timbits. 😛

I’m off to la la land.



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Oh Shoot

My week-middle-end turned out to be a little bit of a bummer in computerland. Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of updates in the past couple days?

My computer is currently in the shop, besote by an evil spamming virus. I might not have ‘er back until Monday! Oh the tragedy! The terror! The lack of procrastination tools I now have. 😦

I promise I’m diligently taking food pics and continuing to read some blogs, but I haven’t been posting anywhere. too sad.

Here’s hoping I’ll surprise you all with an update tomorrow!


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Wellness Day

Before leaving for the fair I had some lunch:


Cheese, tempeh burger, carrots, red peppers.

Look at my loot from the wellness fair:


I got my blood pressure done: 100/70 (low normal, good apparently!), I got my posture checked; all good, except my right hip is far higher then my left, and apparently I put about 10lbs on my right hip as apposed to my left hip! I sometimes get lower back pain, and this might be the cause! I’m really curious to go to the chiropractor actually and see what can be done/figured out… I also got my body fat measured, which included a weigh in. 😀 Lower then last week even with food and being later in the day. There were some other cool things like info on cancer, mental health, UBC farm, and so much more. I also picked up this delightful snack while at the sub:


Vegan brownie from Sprouts. And some earl grey tea (only because I wanted one of those cups. 🙂 ).

I went to the gym with my friend Joyce. The residence beside ours has a beautiful free gym with all new equipment! We did:

  • 35min on stationary bike
  • Abs, the following twice through:
    • 20 crunchs
    • 10/side bicycle
    • 10 leg lifts
    • 20 supermans

Then I had supper:


(man I ate a lot of cheese today.)

And dessert:


Inspire tea tetley herbal tea. And a chocolate chip shot.  😉

Alright, well I’m off to watch TV study. 😉


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