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Coco For Local

Happy Hump Day folks!

How have you been?

This week I finished off the last of my pumpkin muffins.

jan20 001

I made some surprisingly delicious Cabbage & Green Bean Soup:

jan20 003

Hmmm, topped with some uncooked firm tofu and some spice chili seeds. Delicious.

This weekend the amazingness that is UBC Rez Life, had a great event:

refreshIt was a whole sustainability informational session. It was really interesting and invigorating. There were a good 20 information booths from companies around Vancouver and BC who all work on some aspect of sustainability.

I attended with my friend from Chemical and Biological Engineering (Chebe pronounced Chee – bee). Let’s just say she knows a lot about the science of sustainability and is constantly asking questions that leave the booth attendees with their yaps hanging open in confusion.

For instance one time we attended a completely different sustainability action day and someone was lamenting about shipping oil across the ocean in tankers and the problem for wildlife and how it has to stop, etc. etc.

My Chebe friend goes, “I agree but how are you going to get oil across the ocean otherwise?” It wasn’t a nasty sarcastic question either, she genuinly hopes that someone will have the answer.

It’s all good to say you support sustainability, are all for going green, blah blah blah, but unless you have an alternative to things what good is it?

Now I don’t know a lot about the aspects of sustainability my friend does, but there is one thing that really gets me excited: locality. Everyone knows about carbon footprints, right? Well buying locally (especially with food) is a great way to really reduce your impact on our environment.

I mean it’s all good to buy organic, but if that organic strawberry you’re buying came from New Zealand it’s probably having a bigger impact then buying a local non-organic strawberry.

Anyways, the conference was a great source of resources:

jan20 005

And I even have a little tree growing pod:

jan20 006

Isn’t it cute?

Anyway, I’m going to try and check out some of the websites and resources I got about local stuff and maybe give you guys some heads up (at least for Vancouver!).

For now I must say au revoir as I have a busy afternoon ahead of me!


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