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Coconut Oatmeal

I just can’t get enough!

Or rather, I have some coconut milk to get rid of or it’ll just go bad…

So this morning he was the star of my oatmeal:


Almond butter is a little resentful…


He needs to get over it!

Into the Pot:
-1/4c coconut milk
-1/3c water
-1/4c oatmeal mixture
-1/2-1med frozen banana
– heaping TBSP raisins

Heat, stir, put into the bowl with a tbsp almond butter…


I have been so lazy lately. Well, just compared to normal. I’ve been taking a few extra rest days. I used to feel so guilty if I took extra days off. I’m trying to feel fine with being a little bit lazy; being a student can really suck the energy out of you, and sometimes somethings gotta give.

But I do have an exciting new sports event just around the corner…



This is the biggest intramural sport in North America. Basically it’s a super mini triathlon done relay style with every team member getting over the wall at the end. I missed out on this last year, so it’ll be my first time. I’m super excited!

The events are:
– 200m swim
– sprint run
-“long run” (like 1km)
-bike ride (like 5km)

I’ll either be biking or swimming, since I can do those decently and most people struggle with those events. Have I mentioned I’m EXCITED? So that’s this weekend, so I won’t be doing my scheduled long run, I’ll have to figure something out! Maybe do a shorter run at race pace…

Alright I’ve got some resumes to print out and distribute today, so I’m signing off.

What sort of interesting oatmeal combos have you all been trying lately?


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On the Mend

Hello Lovely Blog world!

Well I am on the mend. In no thanks to my current eating. Which has included a lot of:




(hot chocolate, in case you couldn’t tell…)

a bowl of…


I always just want comfort food when I’m sick. I’m not very good at eating super healthy foods that will heal me. Don’t worry though; I’ve had some good ol’ tomato soup a couple of times and maybe a few clementines so I’m definitely getting in some Vitmamin C. I’ve just mixed in the above foods… and maybe a pizza pop or two (*blushes* I haven’t had a pizza pop in goodness knows how long, but I got a strange craving for one yesterday and just gave in…).

Other than that life has been study study study. All my papers are out of the way, my TA for a course I had yesterday was such a dear. We had a presentation to do, and I went with hopes I’d be strong enough, but I just couldn’t go through with it. I asked my group if they’d be okay with me leaving, and they said yeah, that’s fine. And my TA agreed as well, I asked about making up marks and she said she’d let me know. And apparently I don’t have to worry about it, which is great. I mean I did all the work… I just didn’t present it, but my group did. 😀

On another note, since I’m not eating all my produce it’s starting to look like this:


Super ripe! I don’t know how I’ll feel about fruit tomorrow, so in the spirit of procrastination I was proactive and did a bunch of chopping this evening:


And into the freezer they went! I see I caught my shadow, dang university dorm room lighting! 😦

Alright, I can’t procrastinate anymore, I only have the ittiest bit left on this section of physiology, so I’m off to finish it up!



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Another Wednesday. Another Day

Well Wednesday has come and nearly gone.

It started with this:
013 - Copy

wasa crackers + pb + fuji apple and some Tim Hortons Coffee. Yum.


Snuck another one since I was still a wee peckish. 😉

015 - Copy

Lunch was a Green Monster in A Bowl (a mix of Angela and Kath). And a cracker with cheese:

016 - Copy


Then off to my three hour class.

Home and ate the following:

017 - Copy 018 - Copy

That there white thing is a Birthday bun. It’s a Chinese treat thing. You steam a white bun, and it’s filled with a yummy lotus paste. A wee bit sweet, but not too bad.

I went to a meeting tonight for a Suite Style musical being held in residence! Oh! Exciting. 🙂 And I had my council meeting. Apparently in a week and a bit I will be going Paintballing…

Now I’m exhausted, and getting ready for some shut eye. Night all!


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Let the Weekend Begin?

YAY! The week is over! It’s the weekend or middle I guess to be honest. But all finished classes, and Remembrance Day tomorrow, so…. 😉 Party?

Only a school work party.

Monday was a good day, it started with cereal:


Then tutorial, class, yoga and some scrumptious lunch:


Dinner was leftovers my roommate brought back from a restaurant called the Foundation, for which I’ve heard mixed reviews. It was a super rich peanut sauce noodle thing. It was decent, not the best, not The Noodle Box spicy peanut. But it did the trick. However I inhaled it after my run far too fast to take a picture.

My run yesterday was good, just over 6k, no hurting.

I have a 10k on SUNDAY! AHHH! I’m starting to get nervous.

Today I started with cereal again, and now my box is empty of cereally-goodness! 😦


Added in some raisins for kicks.

Then I had a class, a midterm (Here’s hoping I kicked butt, just so glad it’s done!). I had a Starbucks treat after my midterm: a tall skim milk caramel brule (so French) late and a lemon poppy seed loaf.

Despite that after my last class (wahoo!) and a short 3k run I was famished:


IMG_2910  IMG_2912


I totally had two apples + pb (loads of the stuff 😀 ). And crackers with those two slices of cheese. Seriously so hungry. I was just a bottomless pit there for a bit. 😉

Now I’m off to run some errands; buying sweatshirts for my residence and get me some groceries, and maybe a movie for the off night. Though I do plan to do some catching up!

Later all.


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Warm and Cozy

There’s something about being in my growing-up-home that leaves me warm and fuzzy. I had a great weekend cooking for everyone. 😀 Yes I’m a weird student who comes home and cooks for her family.

Breakfast was delicious; the egg was definitely fresh and organic (there’s a huge difference between a regular and an organic egg…). The toast was a piece of bread from a bakery in Chase, soft and perfect.


My parents inherited a crazy amount of nice china… so they use it all the time now. Nothing wrong with using the good stuff, makes every meal special. 😉

Plus another piece of toast + honey + margarine.


I went to Red Robin with a couple of my bestest friends. We had the Towering onion rings, and I had an Apple Harvest Salad with a poppy seed honey mustard dressing. Seriously amazing dressing… I didn’t snap any photos because they would have seriously made fun, since I had an extra-large chunky camera… (And eos Rebel, which will soon be mine!)

Later that day I did some baking staring this little bean:


Let’s just say it wasn’t the main meal I was making. 😉

Then I got started on dinner, on the menu:

  • Gouda and Lentil soup. (recipe)
  • Mandarin Orange and Spinach salad with candied walnuts.
  • Bun from Cob’s Bread (didn’t have time to make my own….)
  • And the dessert!
  • Some amazing Riesling wine from a BC winery.


So good. And what happened to those black beans?


Brownies!!!! I remembered reading about Black Bean brownies I don’t know when, and today I’ve decided to try it. (jeese I’ve been in a brownie mood…).

Recipe was from here.

The crappy photo doesn’t do them justice! Right now I’m chilling here waiting for my bff (Did I just write that?) to come over for some lovely waffles. Then I’ll be off to catch a bus to take me home back to Vancouver. I kept catching myself calling Vancouver home, hmmmmm.

I’m off, I meant to get some studying in, but it’s not gonna happen… Something to do for the bus I suppose.


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Something New

Well November is upon us. A new month, some new foods? yes? We all like trying new things don’t we.

I’m not eating so much new foods as it just feels like I’m eating differently. For instance, on Tues/Thurs I used to bring a peanut butter or almond butter sandwich to my first class.

Well on Tuesday I was thinking to myself, you know I really just don’t feel like a sandwich today. And I don’t have time for oatmeal. So this is what happened


hmmmm coffee and cereal. Oaty Bites to be specific. I’d honestly forgotten how much I loved cereal. I used to eat cereal every day for breakfast. Being the picky eater that I was I also has a cereal du jour:

  • Sugar Crisps
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Frosted Flakes (They’re great!)
  • Whole Grain Cheerios (or is it multigrain?)
  • Bran Flakes (er my uber health phase, but I did indeed like them)
  • No cereal. 😦

I feel like it’s been awhile since I really enjoyed cereal, and well here I am again! Oatmeal ( there was a time when I vowed I’d never eat the stuff. My parents ate it every day since I can remember, I never liked it.) and cereal seem to be new staples along with my usual peanut buttah.

Speaking of which…


Hmmm. Cereal doesn’t fill me as much. I was ravenous by 10:30am today. Came home (my last class of the day was cancelled, yay!) and had a delicious snack of pb and a gala apple.

Well I really should end this procrastination session and use my extra time wisely, shouldn’t I? UBC is having a Wellness Fair and my residence is making a trip there in a few hours. I definitely think I’ll go along. Or maybe I’ll just go earlier… I’m in the mood for a Starbucks something (the Christmas Cups are out!) and maybe a Sprouts vegan brownie (had one yesterday, drool).

Hopefully UBC Thrive is interesting, I’ll tell you all about it later!

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Falling Back

Last night involved a lot of this:IMG_2850

A few of these:


A few of these guys made some appearances:


And the night was better then I could have thought. I love Halloween and the fact that I partied all night is awesome. I had a tonne of fun, a tonne of drinks, lots of dancing, a little running….

I woke up early today, with an extra hour of sleep (yeah fall back!) but still early… And I wanted some normal food.


Hmmmmm. peanut butter with a little oatmeal on the side. 😉

I’ve been semi-productive today, and extremely lazy. I screwed up my calves last night running. :S For some reason running downhill sometimes causes huge knots in my calves. Any other runners get this? Or am I all alone?

I don’t think it’s anything serious. I”m always afraid of running injuries. Or any sports injuries for that matter.

I’ve spent the day studying, watching tv, eating, eating and eating. 🙂 Some days are just like that, aren’t they?

Tomorrow I’ll be back to normal though I think, monday’s always the best day to really get to normal I say!

Hope everyone enjoyed this awesome holiday!


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Another Weekend gone + Review!

And it’s once again sunday night.

I started my day with toast and pb. Which I of course forgot to take a picture of… sigh, I seem to be bad at that. I do have a question for people, once you upload pictures to wordpress, do you have to keep them on your computer? I feel like I’m taking DOZENS of pictures and I’m not sure I want to keep them all on my hard drive… 😉

I was excited to try something new today:


Yesterday I picked up some Vega Products. Vega was invented by Brendan Brazier, a (local!) professional triathlete who also happens to be vegan. I’ve recently read his book Thrive (for a second time) and I really like the concept behind his food philosophy. I am hoping to try some of the recipes from his book actually, but just haven’t had time! Plus some of the ingredients are a little $$$, and being a poor student I just can’t spend the extra cash on “better” food.

I wasn’t too sure… Smoothie add ins are never really my thing. But I mixed it up with one cup of milk, one large banana and purred until smooth (this took a while, because the banana just didn’t want to de-chunkify).

My verdict:
–  tasted a little bit “grassy”. I can’t lie, it bothered me, but only a little bit. Actually the chocolate was helpful.
– Slight chalky texture. But not that bad.
– Wow. I did feel an instant boost in energy. I was in the middle of a 5hour study marathon with my friend Ally, and honestly it totally got me through the rest. I wasn’t expecting it to work so well.

Would I use it again?
yeah actually I think I would. It was pretty good and the fact that I felt immediate effect was really neat. I have one more to try: vanilla chai. We’ll see how it is.

The rest of my eats today:




Plus about 10 dried dates and a little more pb. 😉

I also ran about 10k. But it was broken into 4 on my own in the morning, then 6 after the study marathon with my friend Ally.

Right now I’m just chilling and watching Must Love Dogs. It’s cute and it’s on TV, who could ask for more?

I’m hoping to maybe study a little more tonight… But night just doesn’t work for studying for me.

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Challenge: week 1

Hello lovely people of blogland!

Sorry I’ve been away! 🙂

Recap of the last few eats….

Friday breakfast:


Look at that melty peanut butter. Look at those yummy dried figs. Soooo good.

My lunch was nothing amazing. I was going to take a pic. But totally forgot! Oh well.

For supper my friend had her bday party at a great local place: The Reef. A local Jamaican & Caribean food place. So good!

Don’t believe me? Look at these yam fries:

So amazing. And so filling. I also got the Trini-Rotini with Jerk Tofu.

Yummy. It was followed by a cupcake. But that was nothing to write home about; one of those pretty but not so tasty. 😦 Oh well. can’t have it all.

Look what made an appearance for breakfast this morning:


Only the batter for the best waffles in the world. Yep. My Dad’s Waffle recipe. I’ve been eating it since I was a wee young lass. Seriously, it’s probably like 20 years! I can’t remember a Sunday when living at home that wasn’t about the waffles. I can’t even eat waffles at restaurants, they can’t even compare! Not only that, but these are super healthy too.

I didn’t eat until way later. I was out running errands, and because of all the eating I was doing lately I just wasn’t hungry. When I was hungry this is what I ate:


Seriously major veggie craving. Yum. Yum.

I snacked on some of my left overs for dinner this evening, plus a couple apples + pb. Just enough to be satisfied.

So… you might remember my 30-Day Challenge of Technology Free Eating. Well so far it’s been successful! I’ve eaten at least one meal a day sans technology, and few days have two or three meals without the computer or the TV! How awesome is that? I’m pretty glad. Not only that, but some of those tech free meals have included good conversation with people, and I’d forgotten how much I like sitting down to a meal with people…

Well. I’ve been trying to study… but well it hasn’t been super successful. But maybe it will be.

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Hodge Podge

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class 8-12:30 straight. And for some reason I find it sooooo difficult after that to mentally get my head into working gear.

Let’s face it, right now I have all afternoon off, and it would be the perfect time to do some school work? And am I?


Ugh! Oh well. My mental focus is just like my lunch: a hodge podge of food.


So I totally thought that the hummus (which I just bought today) was roasted red pepper. Then I took a bite of a carrot with a ginormous blob.

HOLY COW! My mouth was on fire! Turns out it wasn’t red pepper:


Haha. oops. Oh well I do love spice, just not unexpectedly.

I also had me some dessert:


Match made in heaven.

Alright, I’m off to see if I can concentrate at all. Hopefully I can do something.

Look at all the contests going on in the blogging world:

Allison at Eat Clean Live Green is giving away some Kashi items.

Jocelyn of Jocelyn Eats Fresh is giving away a book, some bars, and natural shampoos!

There’s a Glo-bar giveaway by Jessica as well.

Well I should be off and try to be productive.


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