On getting the goal

Hello internet blog world, my, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

I’m happy to say that for me, the worst of the term is past. I’m not necessarily closer to being done (couple exams, a few summer courses, and you know an internship) but hey I’m getting there, and I feel a lot lighter today.

The worst part is that I’ve been dying to write. Not literally, but it seems like the one week in my life when I know I don’t have time to blog is when I come up with the most ideas. How does that work anyway?

This post was inspired by  Caitlin recent posts on life/work balance, and how it really just a way for us ladies to guilt trip ourselves. (Love her friend’s response by the way)

(I love this picture, it’s from a project this year, and it just reminds me of holistic health) 

I was reading the response sent by Caitlin’s bff, and one quote stuck out for me:

Generally though, I’m ok with my hectic work schedule because I have secret desires of world domination and I am constantly considering the "long term.”  I think people get into trouble when they have those "What is it all for??!" moments, but you really just need to keep things in perspective.  Remember why you are doing what you do in work and life, and if you’re creative enough you’ll figure out a way to rule the world and and still have your sanity.

I have always been a very goal oriented person, and long term goals, short term goals, any kind of goals really, usually drive me. Something I’ve noticed is that upon hitting that goal, I get a little lost for a while. Somehow when I achieve a goal, I get confused. What do I do now? This is as far as I’d thought.

And this happened when I finally got into dietetics. I’d been driving myself through five years of university to get to dietetics. Then I got in, and I got lost. I asked myself What is it all for? What am I doing here? 

For some reason this year I’ve been avoiding making goals. There have been a lot of barriers, but the thing is, those barriers have been almost entirely in my head. 

The honest biggest mental block I’ve had is not knowing what exactly I want. Sure it’s okay to waver here and there, to be flexible, but I’ve always been someone who wants to (and usually does) know where I’m going, even if the route to getting there is a little bit scenic and off the beaten path.

I know some time off is fine, but there’s a difference between resting and becoming stagnant. And stagnant is definitely what I’ve been feeling lately. I just need to motivation to make the changes I’ve been thinking about.


But I feel like I’m slowly getting back to being my old self, but I was definitely looking for some thoughts on goals and life/work balance.

How do you get back on track after reaching a goal?

Do you usually have an idea of goals for when you reach goals?

How do you deal with loss of motivation? Do you force yourself to get back at it, or give yourself some time (on that note, how much is too much time?)



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4 responses to “On getting the goal

  1. Loss of motivation is really hard. Back in February I was feeling really down and blah and had ZERO motivation to do anything. It sucked. Because even though I felt like I WANTED to lay around, be lazy, and sleep all day I knew that doing that would only make me feel worse. So, I faked it till I made it and now I’m feeling way more motivated – maybe that has something to do with spring being in the air, though?

    Things like money are big motivators for me which is why I work 2 extra jobs on the side of my full-time one! I know that sounds selfish but treating myself to things like manicures, vacations, new books, running shoes etc. are HUGE motivators for me and you need money to do that 😛

    This is your last year of school too, right? I HATED MY LIFE at this time last year. I was just so ready to be done with school. That could be another thing that’s going on with you!

    • Bronwyn Coyne

      Thanks! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you mention the end of school. I am so ready to be done. And it’s the final leg, and instead of feeling motivated to push through the final leg, I feel more like it’s holding me back from doing the things I want to. Money is definitely a big motivator for me, and it’s something that has for the past year been stressing me out because it hasn’t been high enough to really treat myself. I also know it might be awhile before I can have the money to actually do that (internship next year = full time, unpaid)…

  2. I’ve lost a little career motivation… and it makes me pretty sad that things I thought I wanted and needed more than anything in the world… were suddenly not that appealing! I havent really found a solution =/ but i’ll let you know if I do!

    sometimes a vacation helps get me back on track. maybe I should look into that =) hehe who knows! best of luck finding your balance love!!!!! I think we’re all kind of searching for the perfect blend of life and play and everything in between!

  3. I have trouble with motivation sometimes. Normally I’ll suck it up and do it, and then I’m so glad I did! I just have trouble getting started.

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