Another Monday

I feel like I should write something today.

But I’m not sure what to write about.

How amazing my Sunday was? I spent it biking, baking, grocery store shopping and hanging out with friends.

I fed them cupcakes.


Not just any cupcakes. Mama Pea’s cupcakes.


That Mama Pea, she knows her baking.

I replace the applesauce and almond butter with banana and peanut butter. But still delicious, and loved by all.

Or maybe about my busy, but normal, Monday. It was pretty mundane really. I started the 6 Week Pipes Challenge, Morgan is an amazing challenge organizer I have to say. I did my day one, week one of the 100 pushups.

Boy am I tired.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something more to say, or write.



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2 responses to “Another Monday

  1. I gladly accept your kind compliment – but really I’m just too scared to try SHIT out by myself 😉

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