Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I went out to enjoy the sunshine.

I also picked up some of this.


Yep I decided to go with Almond milk for the vegan for a week challenge. In fact I’m having some right now in my oatmeal. Verdict? Surprisingly sweet.

Some notes on going vegan next week:

I have a class that involves eating a variety of foods cooked in the class. This food lab is not entirely vegan friendly, and because I think it’s important I participate fully I will not be following the vegan plan that night…

But other than that I should be fully vegan.

Also my coffee and sugar free February is going awesome. I’m drinking black or green tea mostly, I’m now down to one cup a day from two. It’s been going well.

On another note I had a delicious lunch yesterday:


It was a salad of thinly slice cucumber (I used a peeler), grated carrots, raisins, with a Tofu Caesar dressing (Would be vegan except for the anchovy paste) and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I think it could be easily veganized though, by replacing the anchovy paste with something else sort of salty and umame in taste.

Well I have such a busy day ahead of me, I have to get going on it! But I promise many a post on my vegan week ahead.



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4 responses to “Prepared

  1. The almond milk you got is sweetened – hence why it’s so sweet! Earth’s Own makes an unsweetened one (purple label), but it can be harder to find. I know Whole Foods carries it though.

    That tofu caesar was pretty darn good, no? I bet you could use some seaweed or something to add a “fishy” flavour. And something else for the parmesan cheese? Nooch I would guess.

    • Bronwyn Coyne

      Haha, that makes sense then. Yeah I was at Capers/whole foods (the almond milk was cheaper there than it was at the Safeway beside it). I decided I’d go for “original” before trying the unsweetened. So sweet! I thought the nutrition profile was pretty good though. However, the lack of protein compared to cow’s milk sort of sucks, it’s 1 as opposed to usual 7-9 or so. I’ll have to see what I can find for the tofu dressing…

  2. That salad looks amazing. I think Im going to steal the idea for my lunch tomorrow. 🙂

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