February: Change


So. It’s a new month, and I can’t believe it’s February already, my how time flies. I’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for this month and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy following me along this journey.


I doodled up this little list of goals on Sunday in a fit of procrastination.

That’s right, I declared that for February I would:

  • Not Drink any Coffee
  • Not eat any sugar (processed sugar, desserts, etc.)
  • Workout every day

What’s inspired this?

If you know me in real life you’ll know I’ve been complaining about my jeans all fitting a wee bit tighter since December. I can’t blame it on the laundry machines any more.

My energy levels are low and listless and I’ve been feeling health and body wise really out of sorts. I know it’s the two blondies or cookies or chocolates I have after both LUNCH and DINNER and you know that little bit I have at 4pm because I’m just in the mood.

So there’s a little something different in my coffee cup this morning.


I’ve definitely been inspired to make some of these changes by reading about the great experience of Ashley over at Edible Perspective. She was able to “detox” sans feeling deprived in anyway.

I drank the lemon water today, and it tasted pretty good actually (I’d been trying it with the bottled lemon juice before today, and that is totally gross). I’ve also had tea, since I’m pretty sure if I didn’t I’d have the worst hangover ever. Though I am hoping to go completely caffeine free later this month.

Then yesterday I got an invite from this lovely lady over at Life After Bagels.

Morgan was inspired by the crew at Oprah and wants us to join her in going vegan for a week. And since I’m in the mood to actually make changes happen in my life, I figure this is a very good starting point.

What sort of resolutions and goals do you have for February?

I promise I’ll be updating more, especially with the challenges of giving up two of my favourite things, and with the vegan challenge.



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8 responses to “February: Change

  1. I have been drinking a lot LESS coffee in January (and trying to drink no coffee at all at least 1-2 days a week) and I’ve been feeling significantly better. Good luck with giving it up entirely!

    I’m doing the 7 day vegan challenge too! Exciting 🙂

    • Oooh, that sounds good. I’ve been pretty normal all of January with coffee intake. But I just need a change and hopefully this coffee/sugar thing will do it. Man am I feeling it now though.

  2. Nice blog! I’ve seen your comments on a few others and decided to check it out. I love the brownish background – one of my favorite colors 😉

    Those are lofty and impressive goals! I wouldn’t be able to cut out all sugar – love my maple syrup with oats and yogurt…;) – but Good Luck to you!

  3. I’m never really one for cutting out anything entirely, because it seems a bit harsh, but I understand it works for some people. I just don’t see it as the most realistic thing to do, especially if it’s something you do enjoy. That being said, I’ve also never been a coffee drinker, so perhaps I don’t truly understand the whole thing either?

    How is the “vegan for a week” thing going to work for tasting in lab? Just out of curiousity…

    • Bronwyn Coyne

      I’m totally going to have to make an exception for the tasting lab. :p I had to make an exception last night to the “no sugar” thing as the presentation involved a flan… I think there is one other day I’m not sure I can have a vegan meal… but that’s life. I’m unfortunately not that hard core. Yeah I wasn’t sure how I felt about the giving up of things. But to be honest I think I just needed to challenge my health in some way. And sugar is something I’ve just been eating way too much of lately. The coffee surprisingly hasn’t been as hard to give up as I’d have thought it would be. We’ll see what happens when the month ends.

  4. Im so excited for the vegan challenge!

    Ive given up processed sugar for the most part. We wont talk about todays chocolate bar. 🙂 But coffee, I dont know if I could survive. I’ve considered it, but you dont get this cheerful and perky without a little help!

    • Hahaha! Best reason ever to keep up with the coffee! Oddly enough I haven’t noticed a huge change in my energy levels. Though I have been drinking a cup or two of tea a day, I still think it’s less caffeine than my previous coffee consumption…

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