I have to say I’ve had a splendid weekend. You know it’s a good sign when it starts out with this:


I really should be studying for a midterm right now. But well, I’d rather be here writing than studying anything to do with the science behind cooking an egg.

The weekend was filled with good friends, some adventures, some drinks.

It ended with these:


I had a dinner to cook for friends and I thought it should have a dessert. I was like, what can I make from my pantry, and “bing” light bulb moment: blondies.

I typed it into google, and up popped Simply Recipes. The blondies were simple. They’re definitely sweet, like brown sugar syrup in baked form.


  Along with the sun streaming in my window, I feel like “goldies” is more appropriate than blondies.


Our weather forecast says we’re supposed to get lots of sun this week. Of course it is Vancouver, so that might be a lie.

Still a girl can hope can’t she? Sun, baking, ignoring school work? What could be better?


And after all spring could be just around the corner



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5 responses to “Splendor

  1. Oh my. Those look so good. I have been meaning to try making blondies for awhile now and after seeing these photos I think I’m gonna have to do it sooner rather than later!

    • They are so good! I didn’t have any walnuts/chocolate chips/other add ins they suggest, so my were a little plain. But they were simple and sweet, a nice treat.

  2. The sunrise this morning was amazing wasnt it? I wish I had taken a picture of it. It wouldnt have looked like yours though – thats an awesome shot.

  3. We had some pretty awesome sunrises/sunsets recently, eh? I only wished I’d had my camera with me when I saw them.

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