On purpose. Sometimes that’s what life feels like.

I wanted to do a little baking the other day. But couldn’t decide what to make. Partly due to the ingredients I had on hand, partly just out of indecision.

So I wander through cyberspace looking at recipes. I wanted chocolate. But I wanted gingerbread. I wanted… something. I found a recipe that looked decent, sounded yummy, that I had the ingredients for, and I started out making it

Somehow that didn’t work and my hands just started adding this, and adding that… And before I knew it, I had something completely different.


Spiced Dark Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing.



Oh yum yum. The cake part was great, the icing was ok. It’s not quite perfect, to be honest I don’t even know exactly how much of everything I put in there. But I think if I try it out one more time it’ll be fit for all.

I can’t believe there’s only four more sleeps till Christmas. This time tomorrow I’ll be on a bus going home, I’m pretty excited. Though I definitely have a lengthy to do list here today so my place will survive without me (though to be honest I’m gone all of 9 days, apparently if I left my milk, it will be completely fine upon my return…).

I’m sure the holidays will mean lots of cooking and baking, so hopefully I’ll have lots to post about. Plus my parents have some pretty sweet camera accessories and no lie I’m using them while I’m home.

What are you most excited for in the upcoming holiday week?



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8 responses to “Accidentally…

  1. This time tomorrow I’ll be on a plane going home, so sad I’ll just miss you.

    Please leave some of those cupcakes on my doorstep for when I return, mmkay? Thanks!

    • Dang on the just missing each other!

      I don’t think those cupcakes would taste very good if I left them on your doorstep…. Though maybe they’ll freeze and keep really well.

  2. I’ll be working for the next 3 days before I get a couple off. Of course I’ll also be getting in a ton of baking, and some boxing day shopping 🙂

    Love the looks of the crushed candy cane on the cupcakes. I just wished I actually liked the taste as well.

  3. Dark chocolate cupcakes look yum!

  4. Wow, I wish that’s what my baking turned out like when I add a bit of this and a bit of that….they look amazing!

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