Well it’s official. I’m a liar. Here I was promising you lots of posts while exams happened… and instead I pretty much just disappear. My apologies. I have been out there reading blogs (somewhat, I did take a break when I went to Whistler for three days which was AMAZING.) just not posting any myself.

whistler 039

whistler 060

Yesterday I met up with a dietitian who has a job that is pretty similar to what I’d love to be doing. We just had coffee and chatted and it was fun and gave me lots of food for thought.

I also went Christmas shopping and bought some of my friends their gifts. Can you believe yesterday was the first official day of me Christmas shopping??? Yeah, I know, most people are finishing…

But for some of my friends I did a little DIY project.


Way back during Angela’s Project Food Blog, she made some Blondies in a Jar. I loved the idea, but know there was no way I’d have enough of all the ingredients (or be able to find big enough jars!) to make that for my friends.

Instead I stuck with Hot Chocolate in a Jar.



1. Make Hot Chocolate Mix as you like it (mine is probably 1 cup cocoa powder to 3/4 cup sugar [white & brown} with liberal amounts of cinnamon sprinkled in).

2. Get your jars (mine were $1.50 at the dollar store, then I just cleaned them).


3. Split evenly, leaving room for marshmellows.

4. Experiment with different wrapping techniques.



5. give to friends.


Overall, they turned out quite well. The cards had little directions for making the best cup of cocoa. And that was that. I often find myself making gifts for people every few years, I love the hands on feel of DIY projects.

Well I’m off to do… NOTHING!!! I love being done exams and school, I have a good ten days of freedom now. Though I do have some Christmas shopping left to do…



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5 responses to “Presents

  1. Oh Whistler. I never get up there, but it’s so fun.

    And because I’m nosy…who did ya have coffee with? 😀

  2. I had VERY GOOD intentions of making Angela’s blondies in a jar but it just didn’t happen 😦

    I LOVE the hot chocolate in a jar idea though!! That’s so smart 🙂

    I have never been to Whistler – I want to go so bad, it looks beautiful! What dates are you back in Kamloops???? Let me know, we should go for coffee or a run if I am around when you are here 🙂 I am gone from the 22-31.

  3. I love DIY gifts. Its so much more personal. And lets fact it, at this point, most everything anyone wants they’ve already bought for themselves.

    • Bronwyn Coyne

      It’s so true. I always feel like I buy when I need stuff, so what do I ask for? And vice versa for my friends and family. Something homemade is so sweet and nice.

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