I’ve been away a while, and that’s an understatement.


Last time I wrote it was spring, the time for lemon yellow, fruit and sweet things that cooled the heat from outside weather.

Since then I’ve moved, I’ve changed living areas and classes, I’ve made new friends and said bye to others. The weather isn’t so warm any more, in fact it’s pretty rainy most of the time. And if it’s not damp and rainy it’s clear blue skies that bring in a chill that leaves you reaching for a warm mug of hot cocoa.


I’ve still been active. and I’ve still been baking. My latest foray led me to OhSheGlows recent recipe for Power Me Up Pumpkin Cookies. Can I just say?



One of those cookies you would never guess were (cough) healthy (cough) or (cough) vegan (cough). I don’t mind, those words don’t hold prejudice to me, but rather curiosity: there’s beans in them cookies? You’re kidding. Shhhh, you didn’t hear nothing. Either way these seed covered cookies are simple, delicious, not too sweet, and full of goodness worth diving into (and the time and mess to make).

So, now that I’m back, what can I promise? Well I’d like to give you posts on a weekly basis, that I can promise. I started this blog before as a bit of an enterprise, but now I guess I want it to be a place of expression, somewhere I can get some ideas, pictures, writing, another part of myself out there. Hang in there, and we’ll see what happens.



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2 responses to “Seeds

  1. YAY! You’re back!

    Also, if you have any of those cookies left, I think you should bring one to class on Friday. I’ll trade you for a dough ball 😉

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