May Long

Ahhhh, May long weekend returns again. It’s been one of those nice and lazy weekends. I don’t stress about job hunting on weekends because I figure, most managers aren’t in, and if they are they’re probably so busy a little girly coming to beg for a job might just make them annoyed!

random 080My roommate from France requested waffles, and how could I refuse? I grew up with weekly waffles from my dad, and it’s a tradition I love sharing with my friends now. It seemed like the perfect way to finish off the Long Weekend.

This weekend has been a practice in lazyness. I spend Saturday in *necessary* bed rest after a long and fun night Friday, and yesterday consisted of 3-4hours of watching How I Met Your Mother. But it also included some much needed baking.

random 074

What did I make?

Some delicious, and beautiful Lemon Bars.

Why, I have no clear idea, but I wanted to bake something delicious and different. I didn’t feel like something chocolate, just something sweet.

First I googled lemon bar recipes (specifically looking for recipes that had great pictures) and after some debate, I decided on this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

Here’s the steps in photos…


IMG_0208 IMG_0213


And the end result…


random 072 I think I’m off to continue the trend of lazyness that’s defined the last three days.


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  1. It’s a shame you have to live all the way in Vancouver, because those lemon bars look delicious 🙂

    I think I’ll be having one of those “all day lazy days” next weekend, after my friend’s stag in Victoria. I can’t party like I used to in my youth 😉

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