Do I accept?

Hello Everyone,

I’m really sorry for this unintentional hiatus. I figure I can call it that since it has been about 2 weeks since I wrote. I just haven’t felt up to the task of writing.

See I’ve been job hunting, and the hunting continues. I know this sounds incredibly obnoxious, but I swear I’ve never had trouble finding a job before. I’ve honestly always known exactly what I wanted to do for the summer and so I’ve always been really driven to get a specific job. And usually this resulted in success (through a little bit of luck I have to say).

But this year it’s been a lot tougher. I live in a student-filled neighbourhood, and people don’t want to hire students anymore! It’s sort of crazy. I had an interview that didn’t go so well… So here I am still jobless and floundering.

There are some positives in my life though, let me tell you about those!

I’ve started doing Bikram’s Yoga. This is a form of hot yoga. Let’s just say I’m addicted… It’s an hour and a half of 26 specific posses done in a hot sweaty room. Yeah it sounds kind of gross, but seriously, loving it.

I just found out I’ve been accepted to the dietetics program at UBC. Yes!!! So now my next few years are pretty clear action wise, which is totally exciting. (this is what my title is about, :P)

At the moment those are the main two positives in my life. I’m feeling more uplifted about getting work soon, so that should be good. But we will see.

And right now I’m off to get some stuff handed out (aka resumes) and maybe do some interview practicing.

I can’t say how well I’ll keep blogging in the next couple weeks. Honestly, I really love blogging and reading blogs, but I want my blog to be something, and I’m not sure what yet. I don’t know if I’ve found my “blogger voice” yet. I’m hoping I do soon anyway.

But I’ll keep reading your blogs!

Cheers for now.

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One response to “Do I accept?

  1. Yay! We’ll get to be classmates. Other than you’ve taken a bunch of classes I still need to take.

    Hope the job search pans out soon. I guess that’s one of the benefits of living way out in the ‘burbs – not competing with all the other students for jobs.

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