It’s been Awhile…

Since I posted.

Well I’m not quite out of the dark yet. I’ve finished 4 of 5 exam (three of them in just over twenty-four hours on Thursday/Friday) and the last one really isn’t too worrisome.

I do have a dietetics interview to prepare for as well, I’m a little nervous since last year it was the interview portion that I bombed. But hopefully I’ll be more prepared this time around?

It’s making me quite lazy right now. I’m trying to motivate myself to do some spring cleaning, but all I’ve managed to do today is take out the garbage/recycling. :p

I’ve been reading blogs…

like From French Fries to Flaxseeds, which has an awesome give away by the way.

Or old stands like KERF, Healthy Tipping Point, Oh She Glows.

And other fantastic Canadian blogs, Life After Bagels, Why Deprive?

My butt has been glued to seats quite frequently this past week and my back and shoulders have totally felt it. But rolling it out with a foam roller every night totally helped.

So now my stress levels are lower and instead of school I’m thinking about summer. I basically have one thing I need to get doing:

JOB HUNTING. Anyone hiring? Other then that I have no summer plans, except chill out, relax and use my brain less.

Oh and I’m really looking forward to this:


(only add in a 1/2 before that marathon will you.)

And once I finished that I need to think of some other fun sports goal. Might involve this:

 storm the wall!!! 033


What are your summer plans?

I promise to be back (sooner rather then later) with better pictures. 🙂



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3 responses to “It’s been Awhile…

  1. Lucky you, only 1 exam left. I still have 2. Although, I’m glad I didn’t have to write them all in a 24 hour period. That would suck!

    And thanks for the shout out for the contest 🙂

  2. whydeprive

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

    I need to get a foam roller – my back has been so sore lately.

    Oh summer break . . . I miss those days. Now I just have to keep working and doing everything the same as always. I do plan to spend as much time as possible at the beach though.

  3. Ah yes, thank you also!

    I’ve got my final tomorrow and then I’m going to be having the most awesomist summer ever. Yes I know that’s not a word, and I don’t know what I’ll be doing. But just a break from school sounds awesome.

    Hope all is well with your interview!

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