I spoil myself…

For those of you foodies, you know how expensive a trip to Whole Foods, or Capers might be. Well this week I was out job hunting and I found myself outside Capers, and I knew I would go in…

And I did. Look at some of the loot I picked up!

IMG_9915 IMG_9917


Some raw cocoa nibs, nutritional yeast, and greek yogurt. Yum.

Of course I had a snack of one today:


Look at how thick it is!

Of course I did eat it from a bowl! And I topped it with some peanut butter, cocoa powder and some agave. And something interesting happened…

I wanted to melt the peanut butter a bit, make it more pliable for mixing… And I burnt it!


Did you know you could burn peanut butter? In a microwave? I didn’t! Lol. Oh well, it worked fine.

Today I did a little “real” shopping and spoiled myself with new shoes, a sports bra, jacket and bikini! I didn’t mean to buy so much, but it sort of happened. *blush*

What has everyone else been up to this weekend? Anything exciting?

PS Storm the wall is tomorrow, hopefully I can get some photos and recap the race for you!



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3 responses to “I spoil myself…

  1. whydeprive

    Ive never ever been to Capers! Thats what you get when you live outside of the big city!! lol

    I didnt know you can burn peanut butter in the microwave, however, I DID know that you can not hardboil an egg in the microwave.
    Dont ask how I know that.

  2. I totally have all three of those things in my kitchen right now. Well, different brand of cacao nibs, but that’s sort of moot point. Love them on top of my oats 😀 But not cheesy/savoury ones. That would be a bit weird.

    I burnt some peanut butter than I spilled on the burner on the stove when I was trying to add it to my oats. That stunk!

  3. Haha I’ve definitely burnt peanut butter in the microwave! I’ve also burnt chocolate too trying to melt it. What an interesting combo. I haven’t broke down and bought the nutritional yeast yet only because I’m not sure what to do with it… I’ll have to write this idea down 🙂

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