Wow. It’s been crazy for me here, and not in a good way. Tough to fit it all in sort of crazy. I’ve been having trouble finding the time.
But today, was a good day, and I found the time to just breathe.

It started with a blogger favorite: Oats in A Jar.

And ended with this:

Free late Harvest Wine from chile anyone? I was lucky and won a draw in my Wine Science class. Yummy. I’ll have to wait for a good occasion to open this baby.

Hmmm, it’s been a good day. And my blogging will continue to be rather sporadic unfortunately. It’s just that time of year in the student life.



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2 responses to “Breathing

  1. All the more reason I need to take Wine Science – free wine? Yes please!

    Keep on breathing – the semester is almost over!

  2. whydeprive

    Im so jealous of this wine science class!!

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