Well this past week I’ve been locking myself up trying to get a little work done.. And very little work has been done indeed. It’s really hard to concentrate when, if I feel like procrastinating, the Olympics are on TV.

I have to say I’m very glad indeed that UBC gave us two weeks off instead of one this year. I don’t know what I’d be doing if I had to be back at school already. I’d be so far behind!

I find the Olympics super inspiring. I know I could never, ever be an Olympic caliber athlete, but seeing those men and women get out there and do a sport flawlessly really makes me want to keep being active.

So to inspire myself to keep at it the way I have been at it, I went online this week and paid some money to run this little race:


No I’m not doing the full marathon, but I am going to do the half Marathon on Sunday May 2nd, right after I finish up all my exams and have to move out of residence.

It will be my first running race in over two years, and I’m really looking forward to it. It will also be my sixth half marathon. But I haven’t run a half marathon in over 4years, in fact the last one I did was the BMO in 2006. So we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve started “training” and by that I mean trying to increase my mileage and do a few speed workouts.

Have you ever done a running race? If so what distance? Would you ever want to?



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9 responses to “Inspired

  1. Good luck in the half marathon. I have run 5 of them and it is by far my favorite distance to race. I have also done 3 marathons, but I do not like them as well. Have fun and make sure to wear the medal with pride.
    Happy running,

  2. Thank you SO much for this post. I’ve been wanting to run a race for awhile now (although I still need to train!) and I’ll be registering for that half marathon tonight. 🙂 I’m actually really excited but I’ve never ran that much before (the farthest I’ve done is 10k) so I’ll need to get moving. Good thing it’s still a ways away!

  3. Yay for Olympic inspiration! I wish I didn’t haaaaaaaaaaaate running, because I love the idea of it- you can do it anywhere, all you need is a pair of shoes, it’s contemplative… but sadly, my lungs just hate it! But I’ll be cheering for you!

  4. whydeprive

    Are these runs ALWAYS sponsored by banks? I was going to do the SCOTIABANK half marathon a couple of years ago, but my boyfriend got me deathly ill the day before, and I couldnt even walk the pier at the beach without needing to sit down. I was PISSED.
    I would LOVE to run a half marathon, but honestly I dont know if my body can handle that kind of distance. Apparently I have weak ankles, and theyre worse now than ever before. I can run every day just fine, but after I did 9kms I few weeks ago, my ankles hurt all week long.

  5. So jealous of your time off! I’m considering Scotiabank or BMO this year, havent heard which course is better for a first-timer!

    • Bronwyn Coyne

      I’m not sure which one would be better.

      When’s the scotiabank 1/2?

      I know that the BMO goes through Stanley park and downtown. It’s pretty flat, which is nice for a beginner and well blocked off for the runners. 🙂


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  7. YEA!!! This is great – a halfer in May! I have never done one, but am very tempted as I think they are great goals to set for yourself!


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