White Devil

Well hello my friends! It has been awhile hasn’t it?

I’ve been up to normal student life events; going out with friends, procrastinating, paying for that procrastination by cursing myself during the midterm!

I’ve also been indulging my student eating habits. Sugar, sugar, sugar has been my drug of choice for the last few days. I’ve just been craving chocolate (and for coffee) like mad, and giving in like crazy. If I indulge in extra coffee I do get decaf, seriously, it’s the taste I like, coffee with a bit o’ cream? Heaven. But usually it’s a coffee and a cookie that I crave.

My sugar has ventured into many aspects of my eating…

sugar 012 
chocolate chips?! How’d those get there… (shifty eyes)

Why am I craving sugar? I can’t really say… There’s a couple things.

a) I was stressed about the midterm
b) I like sugar, and unfortunately I’m getting in a cookie-before-one-class habit.
c) I’m hella tired.

C is probably the main reason. I’m really tired, and the culprit is not being able to sleep. And why can’t I sleep? I’m not really sure, because I’m definitely tired when I go to bed,but something just keeps me awake. I don’t think it’s completely in my mind, sometimes I definitely just can’t turn my brain off. But the light coming through my windows really bothers me. I might have to try something to block it out. Anybody use those eye cover things people always wear for “beauty sleep”?

Of course, the tired might be because my main source of food lately has been sugar, and that gives you a spike of blood glucose, then quickly drops, leaving you tired and lethargic (oh yeah, that’s right I just finished studying glycemic index thank you very much)…

So maybe it’s a whole twisted circle; I’m tired and my body wants sugar, because that will give me energy fast, then I’m soon tired again… leading me to want sugar! oh no! Whatever shall I do? (just kidding, I honestly think I’m mainly due to sleep deprivation)

What do you do with a craving? Just give in? Or think about what it is your body might be asking you?

PS, you know what’s not helping? Watching Alton Brown cook up some cinnamon buns on Good Eats.



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5 responses to “White Devil

  1. I usually give in to the craving but to a certain point. You’re probably right about what’s causing your lack of sleep – sugar. Have you ever considered going to fruit for that sweet taste? It has tons of natural sugar so you get that quick burst of energy but without the crash that processed/refined sugar gives you. Also, do you tend to drink your coffee close to the time you go to sleep? If so, that and the extra sugar intake might be screwing with your normal sleep pattern.

    Oh, and is there anything that helps you to relax? I find that reading a bit or taking a hot shower before I go to bed, helps me to fall asleep. 🙂

    • Bronwyn Coyne

      I definitely read every night before I go to bed. It’s part of my bed time routine.

      I eat fruit every day, but you know it just isn’t a cookie. 😉 I honestly don’t eat too much sugar refularly, it was just for a few days. As much as I’d love to be one of those people who can just eat an apple and feel as satisfied as if I ate a cookie, I’m not, and dangit I dont mind. lol. Sometimes when I’m just going through periods of being extra hungry I’ll eat dried fruits, which are higher in sugar, but less guilt inducing. 😉

      I’m really careful about caffein though. I don’t like having anything caffeinated after 2pm. And I only drink 1 to 2 cups coffee max. OK maybe during exam season I have three, but that’s the absolute MAX and I usually feel pretty crappy. :p


  2. whydeprive

    Depends what Im craving I guess (by that I mean if I have it in the house or not). I read somewhere that you should wait a bit if youre craving something and if it doesnt go away then eat it.
    But for the most part if I want something Im going to have it – just not in excess.

    Ever consider different blinds for the window? When I lived at home my parents replaced my blinds with expensive pretty ones that didnt block the light AT ALL and theres a streetlight on their lawn. Drove me crazy!

  3. I need to start eating oatmeal…..*putting on grocery list*.

  4. Just found your blog and I am enjoying your good reads! Sometimes when I can’t sleep because of an over-active mind I get up and make a list of everything I am thinking about. Sometimes just writing it down gets it off my plate and then I don’t worry that I will forget something because I wrote it down. Hope you get some rest!! 🙂

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