Make Me Smile

Go on. I dare you.

There’s been a few happenings lately that have left me feeling kind of blue. To be completely honest, I think half of it is due to the horribleness that is the Vancouver winter. Let’s just say when it’s been a little too grey for a little too long I feel a little too blue.

But in agreement with my 2010 resolutions, and my reflections on said resolutions, I’ve decided to focus on a few things that are making me smile these days.

smiling 004

Sort of random, but this yogurt is delicious. Mostly just this flavour; lemon. I bet there’s a brand that does it better as this one is a little thin and sour, so I’m going to be looking. Does liberte by chance have a lemon meringue?

(Also notice the SUN in the above picture, yesterday was warm and sunny and that definitely made me smile.)

smiling 013This is more then just a pretty flower, which hey makes me smile even on a grey day.  But it reminds me of my awesome friends, and good roommates here.

smiling 008

Noodle Box. Spice Peanut noodle box. Possibly one of the best Victoria exports. Deliciousness in a box. Not only that, but well, going to the Noodle Box is a trip down memory lane for me, as it was a thing for me and my roommate back in Vic. And also it’s another good night with good friends.

Another thing that makes me happy? Going for a run, which I’m off to do as I type. (Well after I type…)

What has been making you smile lately?



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7 responses to “Make Me Smile

  1. whydeprive

    It HAS been pretty grey. Its supposed to be nice tomorrow though if that helps!! Today was pretty nice if you didnt notice the downpour this morning. lol but thats how we get such beautiful green springs and summers.

    Im a total loser, but my dog makes me smile. Im sure everyone says this about their dogs, but shes the smartest dog ever. Its freakish.

  2. Liberte does make a lemon yogurt. It’s AMAZING…and 8% MF. But OMG, it’s total dessert yogurt. You should pick it up, and savour it slowly. Mmmmm.

    I always forget Noodle Box is here…I want some!

  3. The sun has been making me smile too. Yesterday it was absolutely gorgeous and today is looking to be even better. I can’t believe it already looks and feels like spring. February just started!

    Spending times with friends usually makes me smile.. eating sushi.. having an amazing run.. chocolate. ❤

  4. Sorry about your sadness, I definite;ly get that way this time of yr with it being so icky out.

    Things that me smile: the biggest one would have to be my dog lately. I can’t look at him and play with him and not be happy. He has so much energy and unconditional love, it just makes me smile 🙂 If not that, I just watch 30 Rock or read a book by my fave author-Jen Lancaster.

  5. I go through this every winter – and it seems to take a day or two until I finally realize – it is the lack of sun that is making me gloomy.

  6. Hey girl! Nice to see another BC blogger out there 🙂 Makes me miss my days of rez life past!

  7. I hope you get some sun there soon. February is a difficult month here as well–so close to Spring yet so far.

    Some of the Super Bowl ads (like the CareerBuilder one) made me smile.

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