Sometimes Smaller is Better

LIke when you’re eating dessert. LOL, who am I kidding?

But when it comes to grocery stores I really love a small store.

groceries 001

Last year this was my main grocery stop. I hated taking the bus to safeway, and well, this wasn’t that much more expensive.

Then Save-On moved in and it’s closer then Safeway, cheaper, newer and prettier, and not much further, so I’ve been going there this school year. But I haven’t had time what with the Fiesta and then midterms and stuff.

So yesterday I hit ‘er up, because I had about an hour and didn’t feel like the trek to Save-On. Plus I’d discovered that Granville Island Produce at the Village, had this:

groceries 005

Extra Big Jar of my new Love Almond Butter (shhhhh don’t tell peanut butter). And since I eat almond (or peanut) butter everyday I wanted a bigger jar, and Save-On definitely didn’t have that.

And then yesterday I discovered they also have this:

groceries 004

YUMMY! This is my favourite “soy sauce”. And it’s low sodium too. I haven’t been able to find it forever! And it’s great on popcorn with nutritional yeast.

Anyway, I bought all these groceries:

groceries 003 It came to 41ish $. That’s not much more expensive really, and considering the almond butter was 11.99$, I mean there’s 12$ worth of it already…

And I enjoyed those veggies with some Bragg’s, Olive oil and balsamic vinegar, roasted for 18min… With a side of Mexican Rice leftover from out Fiesta!

groceries 007

yyyyuuuummmm. It was so good.

Also ate a mango. I have so much trouble peeling/cutting prepping these! Do any of you have some good tips/suggestions?

Alright I’m a gonna try n study. Can’t say it’ll happen.. but the effort will be put forth.


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6 responses to “Sometimes Smaller is Better

  1. I remember that little store. it’s so cute 🙂

    And you know – you can get Bragg’s at Whole Foods, and I’m sure Choices carries it. Involves a trek off campus mind you. Thrifty’s even sells it, but like you’ll head out to the burbs just for some Bragg’s. Which, is totally on my list to try.

    I can help you with your mango woes – I learned from the experts while I was in Australia. I’ll do my best to describe it, but it’s easier to show you.

    1. Hold the mango upright, so the stem end is facing up.
    2. Take a knife and slice down alongside the stone – you’ll be able to feel it.
    3. Do the same thing on the other side.
    4. Score across the halves lengthwise and crosswise in a large dice, and just scoop the pieces off.
    5. Take the peel off the centre portion, and either eat the mango straight off the stone, or hack away at those bits. It’s easier, but messier, to just eat it right off the stone 🙂

  2. I love small grocery stores too! As for the mango.. I just go at mine with either my teeth or a knife. It’s sort of savage. :/

  3. For a second i thought the soy sauce said “soy poisoning”!! lmao, i’m off my rocker today!

  4. whydeprive

    I see that sauce all the time at Superstore but havent bought it yet. I’ll have to pick some up since Ive been looking for a replacement for my soy sauce.

  5. Liz

    Man, mangoes are fickle fruits. I can never find one that tastes good or is ripe. Darn! Also, I’ve heard that mangoes are usually GMO, unless of course you buy organic. And man, you got a lot of groceries for 41 bucks! nice!

  6. I prefer smaller grocery stores as well, and I think most people do. Many of my clients say they hate grocery shopping. When we start to explore why, we discover it’s all about the ambiance. There’s a great deal of difference between a giant, fluorescent lit Safeway, and a small Farmer’s Market.
    BODA weight loss

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