A little Wind


I’m sorry! I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve written! *Gasp* My apologies. The week just got away from me…

Outside there’s apparently winds of 60-80km/hr. Trees are down, electricity is down for some, the ferries aren’t running; it’s crazy! Despite the winds gusting and busting last night, I slept relatively well. Probably because I’ve been sleeping poorly lately and am soooooo tired.

I got up to some more baking this weekend…

jan12-17 006

Used up some of that Pumpkin in some pumpkin muffin making.

jan12-17 010

Not yum:

jan12-17 009

Dishes are the least fun part of cooking.

In other news I get to cook for fifty plus people this weekend for an event we’ll be having! Woo! I promise to document this.

Other than that, I do not have much news. Angela at Oh She Glows posted an interesting post about getting over your obsession with weight, I really enjoy reading the comments on these blogs, since it’s so nice to know many of us have gone through similar stories.

Alright, I’m signing out! But I promise to be back more this week!



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3 responses to “A little Wind

  1. whydeprive

    I have the exact same blender.

    The winds were crazy last night eh? This morning was pretty intense, but supposedly not as bad. I fortunately am in a basement suite so I didnt hear any of it! But the aftermath this morning was everywhere. I was dodging trees and recycle boxes all over the street.

  2. So true – I hate cleaning up the mess I make the kitchen. Mind you, it’s not incentive enough to not cook or bake 🙂

  3. FIFTY PEOPLE . . . yes I can’t wait to hear about that

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