Home For the Holidays

Well it’s been awhile. My how time flies when you’re not in school. 😀

Thursday I tried to do my chirstmas shopping. But unfortunately I didn’t quite finish. Dang it. Holiday shopping = not fun.

But now I’m home. Upon getting  home friday I set my sights on some candy making. Fudge!

Here it is cooling. OMG, did that take forever!


This fudge was like WAY too sweet to be honest. Makes my teeth hurt. And yet can’t stop eating it. 😉

Yesterday was super busy. First I went and got groceries. My parents were up late doing Operation Red Nose (driving the drunks home.) and these days you have to hit the stores early to avoid the horribleness that is holiday shopping. Plus I LOVE grocery shopping and when I’m home I use my parents money to indulge in a few things I totally wouldn’t on my own. 😉

Then it was off to the Christmas Tree Farm!




Our tree!

We’ll be setting it up later. After the tree hunting (I did the chopping, hard work!) we went to a little coffee chain Cowboy Coffee for some treats.


Raspberry and Pistachio biscotti. This was delicious! Usually I’m sorely disappointed by store made biscotti. But this was really good.
My mom knows about the blog (I don’t know if she reads it) and upon seeing me photographing my treat, pushed hers in front of my camera…


Pumpkin pecan loaf. Also really good (I had to have a bite!). And then so my dad wouldn’t feel left out I snapped a quick shot of his raspberry muffin:


After this I went to meet my friend for a little catch up and shopping. I had a pita from Extreme Pita but I didn’t take a picture. I still didn’t finish my shopping, all I accomplished was getting my self  a hat. 😦

I went for a run last night, which is slightly dangerous as Kamloops is a valley, and I live at the top of the hill, so all the running is up or down. But I was careful, ran in lit places and watched for icy patches. It was so nice to run around and look at the Christmas lights. Made me all warm and fuzzy.

The night ended with a trip out for some fun and dancing. When we left the bar it was snowing! So far I’ve seen snow and sun in Kamloops. Love it! Even the cloudiness seems brighter then Vancouver.

Alright I’m off. I think I need to do some baking. Hmmm, something yummy. I’m honestly leaving to some biscotti… with an orange and cloves plus cinnamon flavour? Hmmm, think I’ll browse the net before I settle on a final plan.



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5 responses to “Home For the Holidays

  1. Biscotti is fun to make 🙂 I made a coconut mango lime one that was quite lovely 😀 I think the recipe is on my blog.

    Hope you have a great Christmas up in the ‘loops.

  2. Seriously!! TIME IS FLYING!!! I was getting sad about how soon going back to school is for me. All those treats look amazing!! My mom and I have been talking about baking up some biscotti for weeks now.

  3. Liz

    That sounds so fun running around looking at Christmas lights! I love that warm fuzzy Christmasy feeling :)!

  4. I’m not done my shopping either, but I’m going to go to the mall early today to finish, you know since I love being at work at this time of the year I thought, heck what could be more fun that going an hour early!

  5. I love grocery shopping too and do the exact same thing when staying with them – spend a little extra on things I wouldn’t normally buy since I’m a broke bum. In a way, having to be here until September is good because of that.. in a way.

    I love running at night! When I was in Langley I would do that and go for walks too. Unfortunately, where I am now, running at night would most likely end with me getting hit or jumping into the ditch to avoid getting hit. Not fun.

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