Ice Cream Time

Last day of classes done and gone!

My cold is nearly gone!

And the weather has been so nice!

And tonight I’m going to study! Nah. Don’t think so. Though it might happen. Mostly I’m taking this evening to just sort of… do what I feel like without feeling guilty. I don’t have plans to go out, I’m not doing anything big…. Just watching TV and of course enjoying a bowl (or two) of…


I might write in my journal (pictured above). I used to write in my journal a LOT. Then I got busy. It’s always funny to me how when it’s probably most interesting to really record what’s going on inside, we don’t. That journal was start by yourstruly two years ago Dec 1. Wow. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Oddly enough, I do flip through it, and it’s funny because I totally know what I’m talking about sometimes. Other times, I’m like, what am I talking about?

Either way it’s fun to look back.

My appetite came back tonight, which is nice. Supper was an egg on a bed of brown rice. Sooo good.

Alright, a really intriguing episode of Criminal Minds is on, gotta go!



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2 responses to “Ice Cream Time

  1. I think Friday nights should always be off limits for studying. That being said, I did do some school work this evening, only because I chose to nap when I got home from school. Enjoy that ice cream!

  2. Liz

    It’s good to take some time for yourself. That’s what keeps me sane! That’s sooo awesome your done with classes. Finals?? I still have one more week of classes, then finals! ACK…keepin the eye on the prize.

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