Busy Physiology Bee

I’m sorry to have been so MIA lately, school has taken priority in my life, followed closely by destressing though paintball and partying with my best friend from Victoria who came to visit on the weekend.

I can’t believe it’s the final week of classes. Scary thought, since next week I have three finals. One on Wednesday and two on Friday.

I am currently pretty sick too, to add a wrench into the equation. H1N1? Maybe. Probably not though, but definitely the flu. Woke up feeling ok dokie, not my best, but not horrible, only to find myself shivering and warm with a sore throat by the end of my last class.

Oh well. I’m still managing to study; I’ll take it fairly easy the next couple days, get lots of rest, and hopefully be feeling like myself by the weekend. I’m sorry to say I haven’t been photographing my food as of late (it’s all been boring anyway…) but I’ll leave you with some photos I’ve recently taken and really like.




Hope you’re all having a better day then me!



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3 responses to “Busy Physiology Bee

  1. Hope you feel better soon – being sick and studying for finals does not make for a fun time. Good luck on those finals too! I don’t have any until the 2nd week, and they are just midterms.

  2. Hey Bronwyn, I’ve been the most MIA lately too and although I had that horrible migraine last week I haven’t been for real sick thank goodness. I hope you get over your flu soon! Good luck studying . . . speaking of which, I better get some hw done too, reading your blog always makes me remember how important my school work is, it’s easy for me to forget.

  3. i hope and pray for you to get better soon, i don’t like sick so i know how it feels.

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