Rest & Recovery

Well what a weekend. Definitely one for the unhealthy records.

After my computer got a virus, I got a virus. Not fun. I had a fever and headache all Saturday and Sunday. Though it was getting better on Sunday and since then I have improved a lot. Though I’m still pretty tired, I know I’ll be back in fighting form by the end of this week. Oddly enough in some ways I think this is exactly what I needed. My body was telling me to shut down for a while and just chill out. So that’s my goal this week. To just… chill and catch up. I’m not really going to exercise, maybe by thursday or friday, but for now, I’m taking it easy, doing homework and watching absurd amounts of TV.

One bummer about my computer being out of commision is the fact that I was doing so well on the food picture taking! All the way from Tues last week till Saturday and then starting up again today I was taking food pictures left and right.

Let me share my week with you in food pics:



012 013
015 016



028 029

That’s pretty much it of my pics that are worth showing!

Too much for you? Too late!

Well I’m pretty much EXHAUSTED. I just finished running an event with my Residence. A Musical Cafe wherein I enjoyed a lot of great music and far too many Timbits. 😛

I’m off to la la land.




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3 responses to “Rest & Recovery

  1. Lizzy

    these meals look so yummy! 🙂 hope your feeling better dear!

  2. Whoa, what is that sushi roll? It looks amazing. I can’t figure out what’s on the outside of it though.

    • Bronwyn Coyne

      It was so good. It was called “john lennon” I think it had in some asparagus, avacado and maybe something else. The outside was a soy bean thing. I dunno my friend explained it to me. :p

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