Oh Shoot

My week-middle-end turned out to be a little bit of a bummer in computerland. Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of updates in the past couple days?

My computer is currently in the shop, besote by an evil spamming virus. I might not have ‘er back until Monday! Oh the tragedy! The terror! The lack of procrastination tools I now have. 😦

I promise I’m diligently taking food pics and continuing to read some blogs, but I haven’t been posting anywhere. too sad.

Here’s hoping I’ll surprise you all with an update tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Oh Shoot

  1. Bah! I hope you sort out your computer troubles ASAP. Technology is such a pain when it doesn’t work eh?

  2. Liz

    Man, that is too bad that your computer got sick. Whatever will you do without Facebook and blogs to save you from being productive?

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