Me No-likey!

Hey all! Sorry to be so MIA, but I just haven’t had anything really interesting to write about lately. Till this happened to me at lunch…


Hmmm, you think, looks like just some ordinary PB and banana on toast. Delicious? Weird? Not really…

Well folks, this is it. This is the weird bit. I hate bananas. Ok hate is a strong word, but since I can remember I could not consume a banana unless it was in a baked good. Or mashed into non-existence in oatmeal. Or blended to soupy perfection in a smoothie. 

But today I was thinking about bananas and at lunch I noticed half a banana I had laying around left over from yesterday’s oatmeal and I just thought maybe… So I took a thin slice and tried it. Chomped down, chewing and tasting, not bad not bad. I swallowed; low and behold, my world didn’t end!

See, when it came to bananas my dislike was entirely a texture thing, not a taste thing. So while I loved bananas in breads or oatmeal, I could eat just a plain banana.

This my friends is the official end of my picky eating habits. Very sad indeed.

I know I’m not alone in my history of being a picky eater. In fact many kids are picky eaters. Apparently this term has a name: neophobia (the fear of trying new and unknown things). Apparently it can take up to 16 times before a kid will try something new. That means you’ll have to place the food in front of the kid at 16 meals before he or she will even take a bite.

My parents were pretty good with my picky eating, making sure I had my “not icky tomato sauce” (ie plain, no meat or other veggies in the sauce) or my plain cheese pizza.

I honestly didn’t grow out of my picky eating until I became vegetarian when I was fifteen. I then started to eat a few more vegetables (I’d always loved a select few, but there were a lot I never ate). Even eggs came back on my menu after a bit. Seriously it’s funny how something considered a restrictive diet by some really expanded what I ate over all.

Now I’m not afraid of any foods really. And I don’t eat meat now entirely out of habit; I seriously have no want to eat meat. Ok occasionally the bacon frying smells really good, but it doesn’t make me want to eat it. The only food I can really think that I don’t like is fish. There’s just something about that fishy smell that’s really off puting for me. I don’t know why.

Well I really should be off. I have a great afternoon ahead of me:


As a part of my “get back on track” I’m trying to also get back into a productive groove (I do have a pending midterm next week! It seems I’m not the only one in a back on track mood. Angela at Oh She Glows is getting back on track. And even my friend Marianne has started trying


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  1. Hey, I feel you about the banana thing. You’ll never see me eat a banana on it’s own – I don’t enjoy it. They need to at least join some PB to be acceptable in my world. I’m actually like that with alot of foods – I’ll eat pretty much anything, but some things need to be prepared in certain ways, otherwise they don’t cross these lips. The only thing I can think of that I will not eat is olives. Blech.

    Oh, and fish shouldn’t smell fishy when you eat it – if it does, it’s not fresh 😉

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