When Your View Out your window looks like this:

You need a little…

So warm and delicious:
1/2 cup milk,
packet of sugar
Some Tetley Cinnamon Spice tea (seriously, I’m loving these herbal teas, I’m slowly building a collection of them…)

This was joined by one of these fresh baked goodies:

IMG_2839Graham Flour (I used whole wheat as I don’t have money for special flours) Fig Scones from
My Sweet Vegan. Sorry recipe not online!

Smeared with delicious melty pb.


Look at it dripping there. hmmmmm heavenly.

I went for a 4.28k run today with my friend Joyce. In the crazy pouring rain.

Since today is the 29th(! Where did October go?) I decided I would add up my running mileage for October. I might squeeze in one more run, but ohwell.

The grand total is…. 59.33miles. Or 94.9 kilometers. I personally like the kilometers, looks so much further doesn’t it? I can’t imagine what my total will be when I really get training for my half marathon! Still that’s awesome. Maybe I’ll do one more 5 k, just so I’m at 100!

Alright, well I’m off I have a Meet the Dietitians info session tonight. I’m hoping to see blogging buddy Marianne of French Fries to Flax Seeds there. Have a good night everyone!

What are your plans for Halloween Weekend?



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4 responses to “Warmth

  1. Lizzy

    59.3 miles for october! thats amazing! 🙂 congrats!


  2. Liz

    Wowza, that scone looks delicious!!

  3. Ewwww . . . the rain has totally been getting me down in Toronto too!

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